4 thoughts on “Sniff sniff little nose”

  1. I have long suspected that the old custom of kissing a woman’s hand was a way of getting a good sniff of her in a crowded room full of other smells.

  2. I wish this custom was still alive. I’d rather hug or have my hand kissed than shake hands.

  3. To me that is news of the blindingly obvious. However, even if the person “smells right”, it’s no guarantee that the relationship will last.
    And I’ve found that I can get past the “smells odd” if the personality is right. At the moment I’m imprinted on someone who smells like a combo of musk, sandalwood and squid, but that will pass.

  4. I once met a guy who smelled like beef stew simmering on a stove. That is a very attractive smell, if you’re not a vegetarian I suppose. Contradancing involves being very close to sweaty men, so I got quite the blast last night. I will merely say that nobody smelled as nice as my date. As for the smelling right / not lasting, I guess once you’ve done the breeding thing, mother nature is pretty much done with your relationship and only assiduous application of hard work will keep it going. I sure would like to see some studies of this nature done for gay people, and to see how mutual attraction is (like do the histo compatible types find each other, and how?) As Patricia said it really raises more questions than it settles.

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