Snow and fog

There’s another FOUR INCHES on the ground up here.  You can barely see across the street. Tanya from work just called me on my cell to tell me it’s slippery as hell so I gotta burn ass out of here to work – she says nobody is even answering on switchboard, which sucks at 7:30 am.

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4 thoughts on “Snow and fog”

  1. Our beautiful snow is being destroyed with each passing day — warm temperatures and rain have reduced to snow height on the back porch to about 3″. On the ski hills this will mean bare patches, granular snow and significant icy patches, i.e. very poor ski conditions.

  2. Today’s weather is inclement…as a result most local ski hills are currently closed.

    Camp Fortune is closed today and tomorrow because of the weather — lessons are cancelled tonight and tomorrow. Your lessons instructor will let you know next week about adjustments.
    Mont Cascades, Vorlage and Edelweiss are also closed and lessons cancelled.

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