Dishwasher is running thanks to me, tea is seeping thanks to Jeff, and I just realized that I didn’t get my goddamned bloodwork done because I was about to go in to Lifelabs and I got an email that Tom is sick and it literally (THANKS FOR NUTHIN ADD and also may I just mention that not getting a fucking email reminder of your pending requisition from the doctors office doesn’t exactly fucking help even if you don’t have ADD) knocked doing that out of my mind. So I must must do that today. Which means I have to walk over to 6th and 10th anyway, maybe I can mail the 9 page (large print) letter I wrote to Mary over the last week, and pick up a coffee for Jeff on the way back since he was hankering for one.

weather is frickin GLORIOUS  I mean seriously.

I have a list as long as my hair (which reminds me, I need to tie it up again or Jeff’s going to be spitting out my hairs reproachfully while watching tv as they drift over his face (sometimes he goes GAAAH and flaps his hands because it’s like having a spider web land on you and then OH THE REPROACHFUL LOOK)) and slightly more motivation than yesterday for attacking it. More laundry, working on Finale writing down songs and messing with the voicing, tidying up the music/guest room, working on a couple of new fanfics, responding to Tish’s letter, actually reading the rent increase notice and diarizing it. A small fraction of the goo sticking to me.

I have subscribed to the NYT for a year, it was 1/20th the normal price so I actually thought that was fair. Jeff, it was the article about Jared Harris that made me subscribe, I am such a celebri-fluffer.

Crows called for food this morning, but I put out sunflower seeds instead of roasted unsalted peanuts so they are sulking. (later, there they go again. It’s four-call, whoever she is)

Keith has apparently had an excellent visit with the grandparents in Victoria. I’ll be meeting up with Paul at some point today to walk and possibly visit Tom and exchange stuff, since items keep migrating between our two households.

Jeff’s car is still in the krankenhaus. The problem can’t be replicated, so we’re beginning to think it’s bad fuel.

I think I have blown through yet another set of orthotics, so that’s going on the list as well. NO DO NOT WANT. I mean I want comfy feet but I do not want to spend 400 dollars even if my fOlks are underwriting it with my remittance woman stipend.

ADD meds day two. I AM ITCHY. Is it allergies? is it medication? LOL who knows. Much imitating of the Archer character Woodhouse saying in his crackly voice, “It’s going to be an itchy weekend.”

I bought some Red Racer Street Legal Pilsner and IPA for Paul so I have something festive to drink while I’m over there. Got some for myself as well. It’s about the equivalent of a piece of bread, for carbs.

I now have a nightgown for every night of the week. And okay, enough potchkeying around on my blog, I have to go have a phlebotomist stab me, baby.

as reported by CNN today

Hurricane Ida has slowed to 10 mph, remains a cat 4, and is currently putting the shove to the entire flow of the Mississippi river, which is apparently flowing backwards. Normally it’s 2 feet per second and it was temporarily at -.5. Deep sections of the river could still have been flowing normally, this all depends on where the gauges are.

The river temporarily flowed backward during Katrina. Given climate change’s known exacerbation of wind speeds and duration of storms this looks to be a harbinger of the new normal.

If my pOp wants me to buy this for him he’ll let me know.

Hurricane Ida

Here’s a link showing that the hurricane doubled in speed in less than 48 hours while dropping 50 millibars in pressure in the eye. I believe ‘slam’ is the correct term for what is about to happen to New Orleans. I have been assured that the levees will hold. What will happen to the inundated coast, portions of which will get a five metre storm surge as well as 30 cm of rain, is anyone’s guess. I hope that Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas have no fatalities; the Cubans once again, since they aren’t fucking cruel morons about the lives of their own people, managed to undergo a Cat 2 with no casualties.

do not whack the simulacra they’re running subroutines as fast as they can

Truly, one must have survived two heat domes to enjoy the humane temperature and humidity currently blanketing MST country. I popped the front door open at about 4:30 am to see what I could see, and the soft light and welcome light breeze were balm for my overheated soul.

This morning I’ve run the facecloths through the wash; they’re in the dryer. I have trained Buster and brushed him TWICE (we have two brushing stations in the house and he wanted me to hit him up in both); I have popped some clear plastic face shields and clips into a bag for Mike as spares -he uses them for eye protection, not COVID protection and why not since the delta variant goes through air like cigarette smoke – I wear mine when I’m doing the lawn (which reminds me, I should do some weed whacking once it’s not quite so damp, and now I’ve written it down, so it’s on the task list). Jeff loaded and ran the dishwasher. I cleaned out my purse again, and found something in it which I will not report but made me laugh like a drain. Something-something, a certain morning after at Statpower, my desk, and that’s just to remind me what it really was. I put additional sterile masks in a clean bag and into my purse; I counted my pills to ensure that I had enough until my next GP appt on September 13 and put a weeks’ worth into my purse so at least I’ve got my BP medication if I’m on the wrong side of a bridge if/when that fault lets go; I practiced octave mandolin and dulcimer and kazoo, and you’d know when by the moment Jeff rolled his eyes, put his headphones on and turned up the EBM; I found a shade for the light behind the TV (there’s supposed to be an extremely expensive sun-spectrum light there and after 12 years of faithful and continuous service, except during power failures, it expired, so there’s an ordinary incandescent bulb there now and it was just too fucking bright so I wandered lonely as a person with ADD around the basement until I realized THERE WAS ALREADY A SHADE FOR THE LAMP thank you Granny and swapped it off a lamp we aren’t using for the one we are, so now the light level in the media room is back to semi-Stygian, instead of having an ambience like someone’s training a Klieg light on me for an interrogation); I played a whole bunch of Sherlock (as mentioned in previous posts, my all time favourite puzzle game, available for a very reasonable price from Mr. Everett Kaser please pay the full retail thank you) but never got my 8×8 time below 8:30 (best time under 5 minutes, and I’d like to see YOU get that time) which leads me to believe that my cognition and processing time today will, sadly, not be excellent; and I even got dressed if you can believe it. Now I’m waiting for the various water-using machines to quit cycling so I can make pancakes, and in the meantime I should probably go downstairs and fold laundry until I get bored.

SO LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING IN VICTORIA WITH MY MOTHER (also my dad whom I love just as fiercely as my mother, just not as mushily); SO COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY REFUSING TO EVEN CONTEMPLATE THE CLUSTERF …. THAT WILL BE THE JOURNEY TO VICTORIA. Well, really, it’s Saanich, but most people call it Victoria. Full marks if you get the reference.

I spoke to Tom, who sounded hoarse and thrawn but lively af (he was at work when his phone said he’d missed a call from me, which, strangely, he had not) on the phone yesterday, no housefilk today. The shop will be moved into his garage; (this is his NON side gig, not that anyone but he can keep it straight at this point); his sole employee entered into a state of nullibiety under ‘unforgiveable’ circumstances, and given that grumpy ol’ Tom has a fuse (for important matters, on trifles he is …as people are) of ample dimension and remarkable length, I refuse to even think about what the employee did to earn that particular word from Tom. Also Peg’s got relatives in from out of town, it all seems like too much work and fuss for them.

Still pissed about the mailbox. I feel like every time I take a step forward from being a selfish ass, in this case by writing friendly bracing letters to friends and relatives, for which I need a mailbox, the social environment says FUCK YOU! try harder ADD person, use your executive function for something you shouldn’t have to, because some fucking bureaucrat is trying to save money. Always and continuously, capitalism pushes governments so they are rent collectors instead of service providers. And that, mes soeurs, mes hypocrites lecteurs, is a rant for another other day.

gosh darn it

I’m getting a strong urge to call someone I no longer speak to and it’s driving me batty.

Finished Schmigadoon, it was quite fun and goodhearted. The last number was a bit of a disappointment since it was orchestrated like modern Christian rock (loathe me so many tambourines, I really do) but all in all it was quite enjoyable.

Air quality is holding up reasonably well at ground level but there’s a shitpile of particulates between us and the sun. Jeff, as usual, is feeling it worse than I am.


burgers and shakes

I am very much enjoying the diminution of the heat.

Listening to some of my fave music on Youtube this morning


I prefer the extended remix Shriekback. 

More ‘new wave’ – the Headboys Experiments

Owl and Cat and Catalonian rock and roll

And who could forget this Animusic classic. I must have played this a hundred times the year it came out.

Ah, Sloan…. the floaty guitar over the ominous bass, the restrained emotion of the video.  also the THIS AIN’T POLY IT’S CHEATING vibe



Emergency Management BC didn’t even try to CALL OR CONTACT the local Indigenous in Lytton and environs until 24 HOURS AFTER THE FUCKING FIRE WIPED OUT THE TOWN

fuck systemic racism, sincerely


we got Burger Heaven burgers and shakes yesterday


what happened to the doll?

She ends up finding her former owner, getting all her limbs ripped up/off, and becoming a talking head queen of the rats when her severed head is thrown into a tip.

Yeah, not a happy story. Much body horror and interpersonal rejection.

Unbelievably hot yesterday. Worse today. I have to go to the dentist and I just don’t know how I’m supposed to walk over there when it will be 40 degrees C on the way back. I’m scared, I literally think I’ll collapse if I have to walk in that heat.

wonderful outing, terrible weather

The weather is heinous, unconscionable, loathsome and ghastly, but it is Vancouver in January, so….

Finished the biscotti around 11:30, borrowed the car just before noon, and delivered biscotti to Cindy (also returned her Christmas themed cookie tin, you always hope they come back but they don’t necessarily) and then drove to Tom and Peggy’s- their car was gone so I left it with the Globe and Mail on their front porch – then went to Planet Bachelor and gave the biscotti to Paul and met Katie on her way out the door (no Alex, he’s at his pop’s) to clean the new place on 15th which will need a new sobriquet, I’m thinking Generations. It is big. I mean this is a big, big four bedroom apartment. Open plan, perfect for a family. I joined her and cleaned two things and loaded toilet paper into all the johns and toured the joint and tried not to make work for Katie.

Then Mike showed up (the one she’s sweet on, not the one I hang out with and who gave us an Oculus for Christmas) and you’re not supposed to jump up and down and howl like a mofo when people lose weight so I said what I always say when people lose a lot of weight I pretend I’m sad and say, “But there’s so much less of you to love,” and his eyes kinda bugged out for a second and he said is it that noticeable and I said, “Oh yeah.”

So there’s me being dashed far from appropriate, and then the next thing outta my mouth is the classic, “You’re timing’s perfect, I just put biffy paper in all the johns,” BECAUSE THERE ARE THREE FUCKING JOHNS four if you count the one next to the laundry room downstairs but that one’s shared – and I guess I realized it was time to go. Did I mention the Jacuzzi? The square dance hall sized covered rear deck? the CHANDE FUCKING LIER? I’m leaving shit out, mOm, so I can ambush you with it later.

He went to her place – Katie cracked up as she thought of him scaring the shit out of the boys using her key. But he was going to help her move some stuff into the house, so that’s the kind of lad he is, immediately helpful and undemanding. And I thought I do not want to be here when he gets back.  I thought I’d pick up sushi but I just didn’t want to, so I went to buy stamps and went to choices and got salad and chocklit and chicken on skewers and made a late lunch and we watched the Saxon Hoard special on Time Team.

Now I’m thinking I’m going to nap and be happy in my sleep for a while, because I can’t tell you how happy I am for being wide awake at the moment. If I can sleep at all for the noise the wind is making, it’s quite unreal. Aw damn, I have to put the food away first….

brief visit to doc

It’s actinic keratosis, and the fiddly bit is just the tendon underneath it. That’s that then. Next doc visit later this month.

Windy like a son of a gun, 85000 people without power along the south coast apparently.  The sun just came out briefly and if this forecast is accurate that’s the last we’ll see of it until Saturday!

Watched first half of Legend of Tomiris, and it’s incredibly cheesy and totally awesome, I’m loving it. We’ll watch the rest of it tomorrow.

I can see the bridge

I can finally see the Sto:lo bridge from my back window again…. it’s been the best part of a week. AQI is 24, about as good as urban air gets in these parlous times.

Two loads of laundry plus the dishes yesterday, plus restringing Smokey. We’re still cursing an intermittent blue streak about the intermittent leaking of the dishwasher but no solid ideas.

Buster trained hard this morning, three paw claps and a couple of bounce and chase, and really focussed. Between having his fleas dealt with and the better air he’s def got more of a tigger-sproing in his step.

Le Mans has started and Jeff’s well-ensconced.


Muppet Bison