Updates… meep meep meep …. updates

Allegra pouts because she took a wonderful video at Conflikt and one of the principals flatly refuses to let her publicly post it. Trust me, it’s funny as hell. But ya gotta respect the wishes of others…. sigh.

Unless…. well let’s just say I backspaced over this, but Tammy, Kopper, nautilus3 and Patricia, you know whereof I speak. I’d include Chipper, but her only comment when I complained to her about my situation was a brusque, “Well, what did you expect?” so I’m not looking for a hall pass from that quarter 😉
Allegra pouts with a side of p*ssed right off about Katie’s boyfriend, who narrowly escaped being arrested, and I guess I can’t provide any more details than that…. but WHY did he avoid it? why???? why???? because Katie asked her mommy dearest to block her cell phone so the boyfriend couldn’t call her… so he was at his mom’s house calling Katie when the bust happened. I will imagine the howls of dismay and the disturbance in the force which will accompany this news. I just about blew a head valve when I heard.

Allegra pouts because her bank card has been compromised ONCE AGAIN. Some sumbitch in Montreal got her number but not her pin, and TD shut ‘er down.

Allegra pouts because the Luddite is blowing hot and cold about coming to see her this weekend. I am getting dreadfully fond of him and he’s not having ANY of that emotional stuff…. just he’s extremely nice to me and makes me laugh very hard, usually intentionally.

Allegra pouts because the place she planned to have dinner is closed because those wimp assed pansies who run SFU closed the school the second day straight. It’s NOT THAT BAD. Jumping Jimmy Christmas, these people make me mad.

Allegra pouts because she’s found a lump in her breast and knows that it’s likely nothing but it’s an entire pain… and she’s overdue for a physical, oh joy, and she still needs a flu shot and the rest of the hep shots, so what a bowl of pinpricky joy she’ll be!

Allegra pouts because Jeff moved his visit from today to next week. My fridge is full of beer, thanks to LTGW, who provided transport to the beer store the other day, and YOU aren’t here to help me drink it! Wah.

Allegra pouts because she will be missing a family funeral AND Scaryclown’s birthday celebration to go make a joyful noise at the Church 25th anniversary. Why can’t the spaces between important events be more spacious???

And the biggest reason I pout I can’t talk about publicly. It’s happy news and it’s sad news and it’s got a major sting embedded in it, and that is all there is to it.

As you can see, I’m pouty.

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