New song – Vancouver mods

Vancouver mods I hate ‘em with a passion
they’re one and all irration
Vancouver mods, they do bad things to ferrets
their brains are mushy carrots
I hate them, I hate them
I hope their dearest loved ones all catch hollow heels and die
I hope they get diseases where their torsos meet their thighs!
Spontanyusly combust and thus completely carboNIZE
May all the just and mighty gods
decorticate Vancouver mods
and in conclusion fuck Vancouver mods

vancouver mods

The TwoX mods, those jerks are even worse

The AITA mods please don’t get me started


Mike warned me about them but I just cannot believe the rationale for removing my post. My response is childish and quite enjoyable at least to me, and nobody is getting hurt.

Leo and Linda very kindly took us to the Foreshore. Jeff’s got a bug of some description. He crashed hard yesterday afternoon and retired to his room.

Leo and Linda overnight

Wordle 857 3/6

I very much like the effect of having two 3/6 Wordles in a row. It’s a cognitive thing, I trust you understand.

I’ll pass on the hard stuff first. Two thousand Palestinian children have died in the last seventeen days. A thousand times Ryker and Alex. What can one old Canadian granny do?

Leo and Linda arrived. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that a family elder showed me a new use for google maps – he pinned himself to a map while in the rental car so I could watch he and Linda approach. I figured for sure they’d get nailed by traffic or construction or the utter deranged randomness of Vancouver driving, of which Jeff and I have so often spoken. But no, they sped into Vancouver from Squamish like a rocket sled on rails, got their Bags of Capacity into the basement, and met Alex briefly.

Katie, because she is a complete darling and understands things, BROUGHT RYKER IN FROM THE CAR. That seems like nothing, but Leo and Linda got to at least experience The Cuteness and Whirlwind That Is Ryker for two minutes while Alex chased him around the center of the house, laughing. And then poor Katie had to stuff him back INTO the car and drive home. No pics it was too brief.

HOWEVER Fisherman’s Park yielded this for Leo’s lens:

L&L kindly ordered dins and I have leftovers for first breakfast and after I drop off Alex we’ll go to Foreshore for second brekky and then I have a long and tiresome errand with Paul which Lois asked me very nicely to do and it needs to happen if Paul’s going to comfortably keep living where he is, which he likes, and wishes to continue to do, with support, which, in part, I am. I can grouse but Paul needs the help and I have his freaking car.


I’m sure there will be super low key celebrations across the Salish Sea when the folks head across on Thursday.

I could say something about the loss of the ‘music room’ since I need to practice so much for Orycon BUT I AIN’T BEEN PRACTICING ANYWAY so there’s that.

and some fluff; The Accidental Mr. Right has been added to the Lesser Known Destiel Fics on AO3

Not pouting

Dave called me and asked me what I was pouting about and I COULDN’T REMEMBER so I said I’d stopped, since I had. Lovely phone call.

I am not particularly writing but I am stewing, cogitating, remarking and positing, so there you go.

The Israelis didn’t learn anything from the Holocaust, as seems currently evident.

The Russians are bringing EVEN OLDER vehicles to the fray, and they can’t even hit a train.

This morning I saw three different photos of three different sets of Orthodox American Jews protesting the war. (They all dress different.) I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never seen that before. They were specifically saying things like this is all on Netanyahu.

Weather has been unexpectedly glorious, so I think this is our sunny period in mid October which is standard for around here.

Katie hosted Rynn and Alex for a sleepover last night at where she’s living now – Dax’s place. Katie didn’t say anything – her expression was capacious – but I’ve met Rynn and I can only imagine what two lively 9 year old boys can get up to at least in terms of volume.

I ran the dishwasher yesterday, go me, and ate home made salad and store bought pecan pie for dinner last night. Other than that I don’t think I did much, except watch TV and noodle on the internet. Oh right, I dropped the car off and walked back. I won’t get it back until Monday so Jeff helped me pick up Alex yesterday.

COMPLETELY quit twitter yesterday. Friday the 13th is as good a day as any.

The Echo Paul loaned me hasn’t had any maintenance since we put the O2 sensor in after Tammy’s last visit here, and not much before that, and the bushings are shot, the heat shield for the exhaust is shot, and there’s a light burned out on the dash so that I wouldn’t know if the brakes were shot. SO YES it was about time. I’m driving my grandson around in that car and Keith wants to borrow it to take his dad to the States so he’s not putting wear and tear on his own car. Given that there’s a busted tail light (thanks ASSHOLE IN THE GUARDIAN DRUGS PARKING LOT) there’s no WAY they should drive down the I-5 into Seattle without repairs first. The f’n highway patrol loves nailing tourists for that shit.


Alex is here

I’m thinking about Grandmothers in Gaza, holding dead children while the rockets sound. It’s hard not to.

Sent a new mixed media (sort of) poem fragment to Dave this am, wonder what he’ll make of it. It’s called My Advice and it’s advice to anyone born after 2010.

Chicken and Bean burrito WILL BE CONSTRUCTED for snack midmorning (have to adjust around when I’m taking Paul to his appointment.) Looking forward to that, Jeff is a big fan of refried beans!

Just a reminder parental love is unconditional BUT NOT INCONSEQUENTIAL.

made a few stabby efforts at the ‘driving instructor’ fanfic; I’ve been thinking a lot about the next Brad and Omar story, but I’m crying a lot because they have a big fight, which isn’t ‘big’ as in noisy but trust between them is hurt and will need to be rebuilt in their …. er…. idiom.

a former Defence Minister in Israel Moshe Ya-alon says Netanyahu went to war without even letting his cabinet talk to the Chief of Staff of the IDF. As someone who’s served in both capacities if he’s yelling for Netanyahu’s resignation he should be listened to.

Writing again!

jfc anything rather than edit. I mean it’s only 189 205 words so far but that’s still ‘pushing the peanut.’

The Lad is off to school and I’ll be calling Paul AGAIN today. Yesterday wasn’t good enough for him. I fed him pho. I helped him get his medications. I helped him get a toilet riser. I took him to get a charging cable and box for his Motorola phone. I did not yell at him for taking an hour to eat. I stayed with him as he walked, slower each day. And he took all the stuff I helped him buy out of the car and before he slammed the door bitched me out for not helping him get a box of wine when I specifically said I had to go get Alex next. He is not supposed to be drinking so much as a drop of alcohol. (Same same for me although I will occasionally…)

SOOOO now I’m waiting for brekkie at the old folks to be over so I can call him and arrange to do yet more things for him today which I am heavily disinclined to do. And I still have to get the new windshield wipers on the car. I tried to install one and nope, even a diagram was of no assistance.

LATER…. Paul called back, he has other plans for today (goddess keep and bless Rob W), he apologized for anything rude he said, acknowledged that I’m very helpful, and said he’d call me on the weekend if he needed me. ALL THAT IRE 4 NUTHIN. Story of mah fucking life. hi mOm lol

Diane Feinstein’s dead. The woman was a fucking menace to American democracy, no sadness here.

I am disgusted by the arrival of a neo Nazi in Parliament, to be given plaudits by people who don’t understand history and don’t care to. Fuck every parliamentarian but two and I’m not very keen on them anyway.

Bluesky continues to be a very pleasant refuge. Twitter I view but I’m not making content for them any more. I now have FOUR WHOLE UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS signed up for my weekly digest, coming November 2023.

complaints, kudos, complaints, lists

Nothing to complain of regarding Alex. Some mornings he wants to cuddle, other mornings he wants to go downstairs. Dropped him off in time for school, thought about going to Lordco because one of the Echo’s wiper blades flung itself off and lodged itself so firmly under the other wiper blade that I could still use it but it stuck to the car. This is the kind of luck I always get issued; sloppy but welcome.

Weather seasonal, rainy, not too cold.

Later this morning I have to go to Thornebridge, roust the wasband and tell him his girlfriend’s been admitted to hospital in Seattle after taking the wrong medication for a cold. She has a history of absolutely horrific, interpersonally damaging and completely avoidable meltdowns, usually thanks to hospitals ignoring her when she provides them with a list of what she reacts to. Everyone is calling COVID a cold now I see. I am not saying I hope Janice ups and dies, after all, I wrote “Invective” for her and I always have a soft spot for anyone who provides me with the impulse to compose, I just fail to see why I have to be all tenderhearted about the woman who brazenly busted up a marriage that I didn’t – as it turns out – want to stay in. Alan’s role in all of that got called out very close to the beginning of the end by Glenn, so HI GLENN THE SHIT CONTINUES BUD, same planet different day. So I acknowledge that I’m …. conflicted …. possibly hypocritical …. definitely snarky. Fuck it, have to go to Thornebridge. Nobody OF COURSE can raise Paul on the phone and I’m closest. I told him to go to Strong because memory care is a seamless transition, but the sisters put him in Thornebridge and those of us close to the problem get to watch him decompensate expensively. I loved that man far more than I can say and I wrote songs and poems and stories for him and now I’m wild with what a sting love has at the far end of that long tail.

almost 100 reads on the last story and ten kudos. Only one comment, sigh, but it was a beaut and I shared it with mOm.

This morning I on the downlow shared my distaste for an extremely popular sf/sff novel by agreeing with a poster “so polarizing I don’t have a public opinion about it’ so that’s as subtle as you get. After all, Canadian authors are supposed to close ranks – LOL: define Canadian, I’ll wait.

Jeff TOUCHED the dryer and it started working. Kiss pOp for me mother, he obviously passed the gift down. I’ll probably break it again when I go to load it up in a minute.

Must empty dishwasher.



Just put in a private post

I had some whining, and didn’t make it public, isn’t that kind of me?

Dryer has quit. It has got to be a quarter century old so I’m not having a problem with that. I am going to have a problem calling the landlady, as she is hard of hearing.

Alex is here, watching his tablet and enjoying a glass of milk and a small snack.

I’m going to try to get by with less coffee. So the leftover cup this morning will be all. sigh unhappy sigh.

RAIN YAY fire hazard drops at least in the city, although we need a month of steady soaking before we’re safe again. Good air today too, which is good for Alex and his asthma.

I have an absolutely lovely idea for my Brad and Omar story. It’s not lovely in detail in fact it involves pain, but it’s another opportunity for Brad to learn how to be a good partner and for Omar to ACCEPT HELP rather than tough everything out on his own so it should have the right combination of angst, schmaltz and praxis that seems to be my jam.



regular day

Did a little shop with Alex after school to get some SCHNAX into the house.

Brief aside. For the CHEESE TAX.

I am awake far too early. Miss Jeff. Forgot to lock the cat door yesterday and haven’t seen Buster since supper, I’ll update once he’s up / home. Started rewatching Good Omens S1 because I’m a dolt.

Apparently there were immense streamers of northern lights across the north shore mountains last night.

mOm’s given me her marching orders with respect to the next Brad and Omar story, which will have YAKS. I will take some time to ruminate and then start writing again.

Next order of biz coffee.


I don’t want to talk or think about my life right now

I got a bracing email from Ruth which set me on the right path.

64 words yesterday, at least I’ve cracked open Part III.

Drove over to Peggy’s to drop off the pie plates and didn’t realize it was Sunday so walked into the middle of the aftermath of a church service at her house. One person greeted me, I dropped the pie plates off and booked it.

Visit with Alex had hiccups – so GGma call for example – but was otherwise very pleasant. Quite hot yesterday, air not great but at least I could walk to Timmy Ho’s with Alex and Jeff. Jeff continues to be a pillar of strength.

I hope everyone has a good day. I’m a sad remnant of myself, or at least that’s how it feels. On Wednesday the sun comes out and the air gets better.

Just for Yuks I Funko Popped myself:

Allegra Sloman as a Funko Pop. I'm holding a succulent in a plant pot and a very small guitar.

I’m holding a succulent and a very small guitar, if anyone cares.

private post

I’m so angry about the situation with Katie’s housing and how various people failed to help her (I’m thanking Steve and Dax for the AMAZING amount of help) that I made a private post.

I wrote 2000 words yesterday, I don’t imagine I will today. There’s too much shit to do.

and Alex is here. I just had to delete the next two hundred words, so I’m getting the hell out of here before I say something stupid. (Just found out I was worried for nothing, thanks universe) Alex himself is fine.

Paul’s colonoscopy is going to be a clusterfuck, and it’s not how I want to spend two days, monitoring him and his shit output while he glugs 4 litres of laxative.


that aside

Apart from Japanese food ordered in, Jeff being awesome, getting a bunch of stuff to the charity, getting boxes into the house from the car, and the sideways astonishing 1800 words that pOURED out of me this morning on TB, today has been a cluster.

There’s an elephant on my chest.

tomorrow should be worse hiya

I’ll be spending a day over at Junction with Paul

It will be hard, going through what now seems like so much junk that was once a family heirloom, or whatever. Katie’s taking some time off too to pack, Dax has gone into the interior with his uncle.

2500 words off to my readers this morning. 1100 words so far today on TB, I doubt there will be more given how exhausted I’ll be when I get home, and I left it at a very nice break point.

I just called Jordan Peterson a custard hearted bigot on twitter. Betcha I get banned. I LOVE IT.


Quiet day

Talked to Katie. She wants me to come get the cat tree so I should talk to Jeff about that.

369 words on TB

aqi is between 100 and 200 throughout the lower mainland. ABSOLUTELY no walking outside today.

Jeff wants to go schlepping this am but I find Sunday morning there’s nothing at Saveon and the veggies are really picked over but yes I will if he’s driving.


From a court case in the US:

“Before proceeding further, the Court notes that this case involves two extremely likable lawyers, who have together delivered some of the most amateurish pleadings ever to cross the hallowed causeway into Galveston, an effort which leads the Court to surmise but one plausible explanation. Both attorneys have obviously entered into a secret pact complete with hats, handshakes and cryptic words to draft their pleadings entirely in crayon on the back sides of gravy-stained paper place mats, in the hope that the Court would be so charmed by their child-like efforts that their utter dearth of legal authorities in their briefing would go unnoticed. Whatever actually occurred, the Court is now faced with the daunting task of deciphering their submissions. With Big Chief tablet readied, thick black pencil in hand, and a devil-may-care, laugh-in-the-face-of-death, life-on-the-razor’s-edge sense of exhilaration, the Court begins.”

— Bradshaw v. Unity Marine Corp., Inc., 147 F. Supp. 2d 668 (S.D. Tex. 2001)