2 thoughts on “Holy crap, I’ve been Dugg!”

  1. I Digg you! Maybe this is the start of something exciting. You could be touring the university circut giving lectures. The reason I say this is that I listened to your homily AND I have to say I found it inspiring, interesting and informative; a unique experience.

  2. You are too kind. It was a great experience, giving that homily; the Beacon family are wonderfully supportive and GREAT TO WRITE FOR. I can’t make too many assumptions about what they know and what they are interested in, but after being an adherent/member/board member on and off for ten years I have a really good idea what will fly, and there are four people I write for (in other words, I match everything I say against what their prospective response or request for clarification might be). Two are dear church elders, a couple, and about as humanist as you can get – my mOm would get along with them just fine, thanks – and the other two are Peggy, whose views I would not dare to condense, as they are rich, complex, and reflective of her character and work, and another church elder who occasionally pokes around this blog, and who is a theist.

    It’s a drag. In many ways, being a theist is just ever so convenient. It just doesn’t match the facts. And yet, and yet, I believe, because I’m looking for patterns where none can be seen, that there is a fundamental unity to the thing we laughably call reality, and that it is both more grand and more absurd than anything we primates can hold in our brains.

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