Happiness is coming home….

…. and having a home to come home to. I hear through the net that a filker (not somebody attending Conflikt) just died in a housefire. If the tributes now pouring in are anything to go by, Greg was much loved and will be much missed. The condo is a write off – the cats didn’t make it out either. I imagine the people left at the con will be pretty much stunned by this. I light a candle for Greg’s surviving family.
I light a candle for someone I know who has suffered a miscarriage.

I light a candle for daughter Katie, who is having a very rough go right now.

I light a candle for my granny, who has needed 24/7 coverage as she recovers from a minor but debilitating ailment.
I light a candle for Lady Miss Banjola and Shaddyr, and hope the rest of the con goes smoothly.

I’m going to be performing at the congregational dinner – again – and this time I’ll be providing percussion, who knew!? I’ve got a busy week coming up.