And then my heart burst with joy

Keith came over and said, “I have a prezzie for you.”  It was a tshirt with a design of his own contrivance.  In lurid, but slender, rainbow hued type, it says, “Queen’s Fluffiest Pillow!”

Once the timing had sunk in (it’s mere weeks before Pride Day – a fact he alluded to in his presentation of the garment to me) and I had donned it, I looked down and realized we were both wearing robot socks.

Paul came over and said I have a present for you.  It’s my 100$ check from the BC Gov to spend on the environment (nice vote buy, assholes) and a screed from Elections Canada that manages to get my name wrong in two new and interesting ways 6 weeks after I changed my address with Elections Canada online.  Who the fuck in their right mind believes this government is smart enough to spy on its own citizens?  Even if they were, the bureaucracy they run this crap through couldn’t organize an orgy in a brothel.  Canadians must be the world’s politest incompetents.  Okay, end of rant.

Then Paul tried to break my computer, and failed.  His new iPod kept trying to crossload itself onto my computer when all we were trying to do was charge the damned thing.  I had to unplug the damned thing twice and force quit my MacBook twice to get it to stop doing that.  Since I know from SQUAT about Macs I freak anytime untoward happens – I have no Mac geek to lean on.

Anyway, Paul has left still needing some charging method for his new toy, (which I’ll have you know I wish I had) and Keith is gaming, and Katie is needing more resumes, and I need to pack and sleep. Jarmo’s gonna be here 6:45 ayem-ish tomorrow, and dawn comes early.

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One thought on “And then my heart burst with joy”

  1. Not a Mac geek, but indeed a user since…
    When you have to do force quits it usually means there is an update missing somewhere, either your iTunes, or his iPod. Indeed, it is strange that charging it would make it insist it wants to write itself anywhere. Either that or a program corruption, like I have on my (POS) IE, in which case you need to reinstall software OR use your First Aid to do a light repair job. It’s on your install disk #1
    I have a lot of force quit happening with Safari ever since Vista came out. I figger it’s all the back door stuff that my computer can’t cookie; on the internet it’s a whole other story. I’m only on 10.2.8, you are light years in the futue with what, 10.4? Gentle pressure to upgrade…

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