rattling around

House shure feels empty.

Meadow came to say goodbye yesterday.  The moving truck came and went and it’s been powerfully quiet, so I am assuming that’s the last I’ll see of that little dog.  I kept a bunch of dried meat snackies around for her and she hoovered them back with every sign of joy.  (I know I should not have and she gets fed at home…) The cats ignored her.

Well, I have to shower and power out of here.  Everybody have a good day!

Cryptic email and status report

Yesterday at work I got this massively cryptic email from the senior finance person who says check into your share situation.  Normally I have stuff neatly filed but I can’t find anything more recent than 2003.  I don’t think the phone number is even the same from back then for Computershare. Now I have to phone Computershare and find out what’s going on.  Needless to say, there have been public announcements about the company which may not be named and while I don’t imagine this actually means a lot of money I am mildly excited.

Pressured speech commences:  Continue reading Cryptic email and status report

Shooting at church

There’s been a church shooting at a UU church in Knoxville TN. One man is confirmed dead, two others were treated and released and six other adults are clinging to life as I write this.  The shooter opened fire with a 12 gauge in the sanctuary.  He doesn’t appear to be a member of the church; I would be willing to bet he’s an evangelical with mental health problems, doing the world a favour by shooting Unitarians.

Love each other while you can.

Sunday roundup of stuff

Man pepper sprays dogs. He should be pepper spraying the gd owners. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but Lighthouse Park is an offleash zone and Jeff and I saw and smelled MUCH doggydo.

Shoot, any teenager can do this when you ask for the chores to get done. Frog can tune its hearing to specific frequencies.

You can simply NEVER have enough Evil Dead.

A collection of improbably unphotoshopped pictures.

Try the BBC Sensory Challenge. I got 14 out of 20, I’m sure you can do better than that.

Jupiter is one cool looking planet.

Why can’t somebody do one for Canadian politics?

A list of reference sites on the internet. May I point nautilus3 at the Dictionary of Popular Cultural References? Also the Illustrated Dictionary of Jewels is molto cool.

Great pictures of cool light phenomena. ABSOLUTE best pic of a ‘hula dancer’ I’ve ever seen. I have seen this phenomenon only since I moved to BC, and the best one I ever saw was in Courtenay – it happened in the fall and lasted a good half hour. The hula dancer is referred to as a circumhorizontal arc in the list of pictures, which is technically what it’s called, but sailors and fishermen of the coast call them ‘hula dancers’.

Everybody should have a prof like this, and that’s no lie.

Hope everybody has a loverly Sunday.