Just back from Stonehenge….

I have a trip report from a coworker’s family member….




Just back from Stonehenge (88 miles in 90 minutes). And about to go to bed.  Went down after supper last night and got there just after midnight due to traffic. Many thousands of revellers (even some regular people with kids, lots of pagans but also lots of drunk f*ckwits and doped teenagers falling over.)


However, it was an awesome experience – despite the misty rain, cold and no sunrise. I had my iPod on full listening to my chill-out trance. Here are two pics.


The official count is that over 30,000 people attended the event. And at least 1,000 officials (cleaners, security, police, paramedics, marshals etc.)


In their own way the rebellious anti-socials the “non-spiritual” revelers, the atheists, anarchists, Hells Angels, drunks and f*ckwits were all unwittingly contributing energy to the pagan event. And if you look at it like that, then this is the biggest cultural/spiritual happening in the UK. (Not counting Music festivals.)  (Ed. Note – like Glastonbury, which is berloody huge). And everyone came along of their own free will. With free access to see – nothing. And maybe to have a moving experience, receive a blessing, have a social encounter, or to share in a unique collective event to dine out on for a long time. And because the authorities tried to stop it happening back in the 80/90’s everyone now wants to find out what they were trying to hide. 


It was one big trance party – without amplified music. Lots of dope ‘n’ drums. One very good pagan percussion band, dressed as ghouls playing samba rhythms – complete with tattooed conductor. They were accompanied by large paper and wood bull horns and a group of devils and angels, who danced and fought over the soul of a minotaur, a man-bull.




Please note Andrew is a great photographer – these pics, taken on his phone, do NOT represent how good he really is.  Thanks to Peter T for passing these along!

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  1. I am very glad to have visited stonehenge many years ago when there was no fence and we were the only ones there.

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