5 thoughts on “Wiseacre writes exam”

  1. Must be nice to be so smart that you can give all the correct answers without even trying and have time left over to make wise ass remarks. I wonder what Hugh Laurie was like as a student?

  2. Probably pretty terrifying, if the Wikipedia article about him is anything to go by.

  3. I guess you’re referring to the bit that states “… while driving in a charity demolition derby in 1996, and realised that driving around explosive crashes caused him to be neither excited nor frightened (he said that he felt, in fact, bored).”

  4. You will note that the recent comments are now up in the corner, as per your request. I quite like this new format.

    If you want a laugh, find the youtube video of him and his pal Stephen Fry singing an American Style Folk song. What a chameleon he is!

  5. Thanks, for the newly created comments section. The new “Comments RSS” is still very useful to avoid going through the comments of each post — although their seems to be a 24-hour delay (at least for me).

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