2 thoughts on “I know someone could have died”

  1. A seatbelt moment to be sure
    So remember kids, when your car spins out of control, roll the window down, lean out, undo your belt, and get ready to do a belly flop or face plant, depending on your flexibility/agility. that is exactly how you can be thrown clear of a wreck…
    Aim for something soft if you get the chance

    The slow mo is poetry

    Turns out almost no one knows that you roll the window down to get out of a submerging/ed vehicle to get out instead of trying to open the door. My surprise was the study was done Sask U. I would have thought money could be put to better use than testing escape routes from cars.
    Of course, no one can roll a car window down any more. All electric
    Air bags. Wonder what happens when they deploy when you are sinking? Suffocation? Faster? Enough flotation so that you keep an air space?

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