Tuesday roundup

Jim Morrison is dead, but Florida may pardon him for his brief self-fondling.

On the other hand, if you manage a Morgan Stanley fund, you can get your free pass now.  Since this has been reported a number of ways in the press, here’s the DA on the subject.

Rare earth metals shortages are going to change how we do recycling, I guarantee it.  Anybody notice that gold got over $1420USD recently?

Atheists ain’t got no songs. Oh Steve Martin, how cute thou art.

Buffalo whisperer lives with his pet. After all, ya canna live with an elephant.  Watching the car suspension groan under the buffalo’s weight cracked me up.

Maybe we’ll have to reconsider You’re Full of Shit as a slur.

You bet your ass I went through the scanner. But I’m never flying through the US again unless it’s on business and somebody else is paying.

That’s the way to do it!

As for me I’m okay I guess.