Birthday roundup

I banged on Jeff’s door at 6 am: “Where’s my present where’s my present where’s my pre—-sent!!!!??”

“Sheesh.  Close your eyes and open your hands…”

“Sheeeeeit!  All five seasons of THE WIRE with special bonus features!”  Happy dance.

Last night Tom and Peggy feasted me (Jeff, Paul, kids in attendance, w00t!) with Roast Beast, roast taters’n’garlic, peas, corn, and Katie brought a fabulous pumpkin swirl cheesecake and Peggy made her unbelievably awesome gingerbread cake.  It migrated home.

Happy happy sigh.

Katie and I walked home from their place – I slept quite soundly.

The Castle episode was loads of fun (I love how Becket does not cave to pressure to ‘believe’) and the House episode WTF!? Since when are patients s’posed to die??

Now I have to go to the dentist to get a crown.  Happy birthday to me!  Also, must get to the krankenhaus and bail out Miss Ziva, who is a very, very expensive habit.