Off to Jericho

Paul and I are going to Jericho tonight, but I’m thinking of taking my own chair; the seats there cause me no end of misery.

Then tomorrow Katie has invited me to her new place to sit around the pool.  Yee, and likewise haw.

Work is fascinating.  Janice still doesn’t have a functioning car so I’m giving her a lift most days.  We’re of an age and have had a lot of similar experiences so we have a lot of fun shooting the breeze during the commute.

One of my minions left a guitar at work and I borrowed it yesterday to work on the new tune, coming up with a new verse in 20 minutes which is by no means a record but was gratifying nonetheless.

I guess Vancouver’s riot looks quite weak compared to the Tottenham terror.

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2 thoughts on “Off to Jericho”

  1. As an alternative to taking your own chair, consider taking a fat cushion. Loki keeps one in the car to make sitting on public chairs more endurable.

  2. I think I’m going to Paul’s to practice and skip all the commuting. He’s got a very tasty lead set up for that tune………….. And if Keith can’t stand our howling he can always run away to his uncle’s place.

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