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I can certainly describe the golden moments.

Dennis walking straight up to the hanging mOm made and examining it. The hanging was perfect, and what made me happy was figuring out IN ADVANCE how I was going to affix it to the podium without damaging anything.

The hanging did excite comment.  It ought to, it’s gorgeous.

Working with Rowan on sound and with Sally on aesthetics (I bought creamy orange tulips, which went magnificently with the hanging and which Sally took home after the service).

Rehearsing with Tom and Peggy and Sue.  Happy sigh.

Delivering the children’s story.  It was a little more challenging than normal but every child stayed attentive, which made me happy.

Cleaning up the trash off the front lawn of the church before the service.

MIKE AND ROZO came.  They liked it! First time either of them had been to church for Easter since their teens.

Jason helping with a service for the first time.

Marge and Jim joining us at church for the first time in ages.

Ralph hugging me and telling me it was a barn burner of a service.  Ralph is 95 and I cherish a word of praise from him most highly.

Dennis, eyes watering, embracing me after the service and being almost speechless, which is going some for Dennis.

Finding out Anita will be home from hospital by now.

Performing the song.  Man, I keep forgetting how much I enJOY singing with those folks.  I wish I could do it all day every day.  Honestly.


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