Lemming’s Twofer and Maid of Tarth

Yesterday (still drenched in music from the housefilk) I wrote THREE SEPARATE melodies one right after the other, in the space of 17 minutes (I fired up the movie camera in the computer and just noodled so I have proof this happned).  I used to sit at my desk at work crying on the inside because all I wanted to do was sit in a corner with an instrument and work out a tune and a chorus and now I CAN WRITE ANYTIME I WANT.  It’s intoxicating.  I should be working on biscotti. And I will. but for NOW…

Anyway, Blind Lemming Chiffon is a Denver filker and musician of protean talent (the guy with the ukeleles) who inspired the following.

Lemming’s Twofer Midi

Lemming’s Twofer PDF

Yes, it almost sounds like the beginning of the chestnut “Dixie” but it goes to a much different place.  No lyrics, but I can totally hear Lem singing this (transposed to the correct key, natch) about the insanity of the current American election year cycle. Twofers, for those who don’t know filk, are a standard way of getting folks up on stage to practice stagecraft or just share; you sign up to sing two songs at the beginning of the con, and it’s a great way to see new talent and old.

Also, Maid of Tarth.  Lyrics when I’m done.  I’m six verses in and the son of a seacook’s nowhere near done, it’s going to be one of those darned EPIC filks with a hundred verses mit chorus and bridge.  This is just the verses, I haven’t notated the chorus and bridge yet.

Maid of Tarth Midi

The other two songs are going to be something contemporary and another GoT song, I just haven’t figured out the donkey to pin the tail on yet.

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