So I decided to write a song about drinking tequila on Wreck Beach

Which is something I’ve done once and likely won’t do again.

It’s very Tijuana Brass-sounding.  I heart me the Tijuana Brass.

2020 says this is racist, trust me

If you’re drinking margaritas

you’re going to need tequila

and if you have tequila you’ve got tequila

you’re headed for some fun

but the one thing that you need

beside the gold tequila

is to feel the warm embrace

of the rays of the brilliant sun


And of course you know you will need some ice

and of course you know you will need some lime

frugal at twice the price

with a buzz that is most sublime

As you hear bask in the sighing breeze

and watch gaze as where the eagles soar

margaritas on Wreck Beach

your troubles are no more.

and from life you ask NOTHING MORE


SO 2020 says that this song went through some changes and I wrote a lovely tune with an instrumental break.


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