Dead loss

Yesterday was a dead loss due to a migraine – not much pain but violent visual disturbances including one quarter of my visual field disappearing before an onslaught of boiling, twisting, geometric-and-then-fractal rainbows held in a semicircle.

This morning laid out tarot…

VII Swords for querent, ow.

VII Pentacles for cross card, double ow.

Followed by The Sun (XIX), and Strength (VIII). ?!

Followed by King of Pentacles and The World (XXI).

Followed by

V Wands

X Wands (this and the next card emphasize the first two very nicely, just in case I wasn’t getting the message the first time)

V Cups

Knight of Pentacles

TL;DR:  Querent is lazy and intellectually dishonest and her troubles are much of her own making.  Some decks are tricksy and hard to interpret; my deck rolls over from a sound sleep, karate chops my liver, follows with a right cross to my face and goes back to bed.


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