Two new songs

Let’s go Swimming (working title (December 2020 says this song is now called ‘Grateful’)) I haven’t written down yet mostly because I can’t figure out what key it is in AND it is not finished, and A Filker’s Life for me is written down but I’m still messing with the notion of verses.  I may leave it as is and ask people to write verses.

I sure hope the smayellllll of deathhhhhhh is gone from the kitchen.  Jeff hit the one by taking out the trash and I hit the two scrubbing out the trash can which was VILE.

Songwriting tip of the day.


You canna write if you dinna noodle!  Noodling is bonny!


Alternate song writing tip if you don’t like that one.

Say what you want to say in plain English.  Pull out the words that are easy to rhyme and stick them on the ends of the lines.  Backfill.

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