First thing I saw when I left the house yesterday was a man still drunk from the night before taking a swig from a flask and then walking into the Serbian Orthodox Church.  Now I wish I had a god to thank that I don’t have to be drunk to go to church.

Church was excellent.  Debra preaches a mighty sermon – this one was essentially how we should cherish our doubts.  You can’t hurt truth by doubting. Doubt and faith are not enemies.  Also, holy sheep Batman, but we’re having to put out more and more chairs.  And she brought her partner, who is the very model of a fine gentleman.


I had to open and close and it took forever because of a Christmas pageant rehearsal.  Then something challenging and unpleasant happened, so I went home and collapsed and ordered Chinese food.

The order of the universe having now been somewhat restored, I’m going to bitch about some things.


Stephen Harper, not recognizing steps on the way to Palestinian statehood makes me VERY ANGRY.  I didn’t vote for you and I wish the rest of those fucking morans hadn’t either.

THE WEATHER HOLY SHEEP HOW GHASTLY.  Rain, rain, rain til Thursday.


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