Another great day

I am hoping today will be another day when I deal with a years old to do item.  I am not 100 percent sure why I am feeling so much more like taking care of business, but I am not going to ignore it… I has schtuff to do!!! Starting with taking Jeff to brekky.

I will be writing Canadian forces personnel in Afghanistan for Christmas this year.  I’m thinking of it in terms of being a UU challenge to myself.  I’ve already written one to an anonymous service woman in the US, now I need to do one or several for Canada.

All y’all have a nice day, now.

The good and the bad

The bad first – the bookkeeper hasn’t responded to my requests and that means I’ll be standing in front of everybody at church tomorrow with no backup information, just the budget for next year.

Fortunately, I am very relaxed about it.  It will be embarrassing, but so what?  I’ve sh*t myself in public, that was worse.  Also, in retrospect, an extremely funny story.  Actually, twice now, once in the Parliament buildings.  I mean, that’s funny in and of itself.

The good – saw Robof9 and Liz last night with Paul for dinner out in Langley. OH IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE THEM.  I miss Rob, he’s still as much of a card as ever.  We talked a little about Paul’s biz idea but mostly visited.

More bad – there was a f*cking coyote IN THE YARD last night.  I was having an intense convo with Paul about his biz idea in the car, sitting in the driveway, and when I saw the coyote I screeched “The CATS” and booked it into the house to check in on them, all okay thanks for asking.

Neener Neener

I have written a new song.  Draft lyrics include


You Got

What you deserve!

And the band played Neener Neener

Luck ran out, you didn’t swerve

and the band played neener neener

Lie and bully, steal and break

and take and take and take and take

You think there’s been a big mistake

and the band plays neener neener.

Cuffs and cruiser, bruises too

Cause when you run, that’s what cops do

You’ll have time to think it’s true

and the band played neener neener

Textbook, what one should avoid

Wouldn’t stay in school, couldn’t stay employed

Can’t pronounce right but it is SCHADENFREUDE

and the band played neener neener.

Maybe you will get six months

and the band played neener neener

We’ll get relief from being played as chumps

and the band played neener neener

Maybe you will take a hint

and not have brains like dryer lint

Please enjoy your jailhouse stint

and the band played neener neener.

Yes, the tune sorta resembles Deep in the Heart of Texas.


Candle lighting

I light a candle for Katie and a good 25th year for her.  She’s off to a good start.

I light a candle for Julie, whose pregnancy is so difficult she will be in hospital until the baby is born.

I light a candle for Chipper, who is sounding more so.  She has the WORLD’S WORST CONTRACTOR, at least as far as memory serves.  Her cable provider does unspeakable things to long dead goats, also.

I light a candle for Rebecca, who recently started coming to church and who has a simply charming babe in arms.

I light a candle for Lois and her midwifery dreams.  High hopes, high hearts, dear one!

I light a candle for Jeff, who ate an entire batch of cookies yesterday.  It is a special mercy of providence that I’m only making a dozen at a time, I’d fear for his safety otherwise.

I light a candle for Keith, who is enjoying his new job, both in terms of the level of competence of his coworkers and the fact that he’s doing what he wants to do.

I light a candle for Paul, who body checked me by way of saying hello when he ‘ran into me’ at the mall the other day.  I burst out laughing after I got over my startlement… it was such a Paul thing to do.

I light a candle for all honest police officers, all dutiful firefighters, all troops serving the Queen.

I light a candle for independent journalists and documentarians.

I light a candle for all retail workers in this, the most wretched time of year.

I light a candle for the animal companions, past and present.  May their spirits encourage us to live in the now.

I light a candle for the weather.  It has been rainy, but it hasn’t been cold, and as one of my Seattle based fb friends says, you don’t have to shovel it.

I light a candle for my landpeers.  Bert and Kim are made of awesome; I am so happy they look after us.

I light a candle for the successful canvass at church, it’s a big load off my mind.

I light a candle for those who have entered the grove; Unca David, John, Derry, Grandad, Granny, Grandma, Kaitlin, Miriam, George, Carmen, Phillip, Grampa, Bounce and Gizmo.

I light a candle for the displaced, the enslaved, the unwanted and the wounded.

I light a candle for the hope kindled in all of us, sometimes, when it seems there’s no hope to spare.