Busy bodies

Naomi said, “There’s no chairs downstairs!” as soon as she saw me at church yesterday, so John H and I put out tables and chairs.  John’s over 80 so I really appreciated his assistance, especially when he realized that somebody had stacked the chairs in such a fashion that one good shove would put a couple of hundred pounds of chairs on top of somebody, probably a small child.  We fixed that problem.  Hope the insurance people don’t find out.

Today I am going to harass the business licence people to find out why the hell they haven’t gotten back to us in three days like they promise on the web site (if ever a girl was fooled…).  Rat(((((ers.

Also, baking today.  I’m going to find out where the cheapest almonds are and buy and toast a lot of them, and then make a quadruple batch of biscotti.  (Some for the Beacon Birthday party!).

Also, buying more printer ink, why else was I born….

Also cleaning kitchen which is a sty after my cooking frenzy yesterday (haddock and veg, butter chicken).

Also, reviewing the deposit sheets for church to cross check the donation amounts by donor, plus updating the new addresses in the system.  A treasurer’s work is only done when she leaves the job at the AGM!!! Two more months, and a bit.  I believe I should actually have the receipts out in time!



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