Katie’s off at the cafe learning about the menu

And I am here at home working away on receipts and getting the printer hooked up to the new computer (Jeff advised, I finally took the advice).

Margot has been defluffed (as if….) and rendered a little less stabby, as I took off some talon action on her back feet.  She barfed all over my Fraser Health certificate plan and now I have to print another one.

This may seem like a particularly asinine comment, but if the way they blocked off Kingsway and 14h this morning is anything to go by, the Burnaby RCMP couldn’t organize an orgy at a porn convention.

This afternoon we bake, and Jeff will be the (hopefully) happy recipient of the largesse.

Peggy is back from China, I am so looking forward to talking to her about it.

I formally dropped out of the Chalice circle.  I am too set in my ways – the first one was so good, and was all about deepening friendship, which thank you very much IS spiritual.  However I was alternately disturbed and disappointed by the materials we were supposed to read, and the presence of two of the long time members of the former iteration of the circle was not a sufficiently  appealing inducement.

Still need the business name registration, waiting until later this week….  sigh.

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