Getting nearer

Bank account set up – waiting to hear back from owner about meeting with landlord.  If it goes badly, I will be returning various moneys back to proper home and I will be somewhat downcast.  However, I have an inkling of how much the current owner would like to rejoin her hubby Stateside and feel confident it will be fine.

The grandsnake has outgrown his hidey box and we had to buy a new one (and a mouse…) today. This will probably calm him down because his ass is currently hanging out when he settles into it right now, or else he’s lifting it up right off the bottom of his cage.   He’s eating like an ogre and pretty much growing like one too.  His having been bred for tameness means he has a minor genetic defect and trembles when he gets excited or confused.  Yup, it’s a really crappy idea to overbreed critters.  However I think he is a very pretty and biddable boy, even if I can’t stomach feeding time.

The rest of the tax receipts are in the mail.  phew….

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