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UUism asks us to love each other for the life we are and not to hate each other for what we believe.  This is antithetical to the current trend in atheism to denounce anybody with any spiritual leanings at all.  UUism says it’s a false dichotomy, given we all occupy one planet, are born, live and die.  As an atheist UU serving on a Board, I understand why a lot of atheists say why bother, and my explanation is that if you want a Sunday school that encourages questions, teaches science based age appropriate sexuality information, teaches children from non traditional families and doesn’t enforce the gender binary, you can either start your own as an atheist or come to a UU church, where they’ve been thinking about this for 50 years and have curriculum, training and teachers to encourage children to develop both compassion and critical thinking skills.  The two most important things about UUs is RE and fellowship of like minded people.

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