Serenity Tea all gone

The Serenity Tea I purchased at the dealer room at Conflikt is now ALL GONNEE.  I has a sad.  Jeff and I were really enjoying it, but I guess we will have to make do with Yorkshire Tea now (by appointment to some English toff, don’t you know).

Miss Margot is very very slowly starting to develop brains.  She is getting out of my way when I make for “my chair”, which is good, because I actually sat on her this past week (Jeff was horrified of course) but all that fur saved her.  Speaking of which, I have a picture to post.

Watched this movie and if you are interest in art, archaeology, the films of Werner Herzog, Neolithic times, and data visualization (the fly through of the cave as data points had me gasping for air) it will blow your mind.  As with all Herzog films, there are points when he departs from the narrative so thoroughly that you are left shaking your head, but as with all Herzog films, you are enriched and challenged.

Every once in a while this past week I could hear a blast of Looney Tunes music coming from Jeff’s room and I couldn’t help myself smiling.

Church this morning.  It will be a rousing service by Robert Latham, and I am sure he will get as many of us as are able out of our chairs.  The workshop was fab by all accounts and well attended.

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