the productivity trap

Over and over I think I haven’t done enough on a daily basis.
Yesterday I had a bath; did two loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, watched some TV with Jeff, dealt with a Mailchimp issue, practiced – including working on tunes to be recorded, called the doctor about the EEG results (still no joy), recorded a song and posted it, made lunch, called Keith, called mOm, wrote a thousand words on UPSUN and called Kenney names on twitter.

I did not do anything to push forward #LandBack, or my various political hobby horses unless writing a thousand words on a book in which MST people get their chunk of the lower mainland back counts.

My mood continues good. Knowing that my people are in a better living space (Keith is sleeping better already, something I cheerfully predicted) is a blessing. This morning we’re thinking of going to ratlands takeout for breakfast.

Please be kind to yourself and others, unless they’re fascists, in which case please damage the living fuck out of their social capital.

Schadenfreude…. Jared Padalecki’s show Walker is so bad that people primed and ready to love it because of Supernatural are urinating on it from such a lofty height that the pee is cold by the time it hits.

Kitchen mats (aka Buster’s toilet paper) are in the laundry.

Moving day

moving day

moving day

if you can’t pay the rent you’ll have to live out in a tent because it’s


ha oo

ha oo-ving day

Katie rented the truck for today and goes to pick it up at 10 am; I’ll go over to Planet Bachelor this forenoon and help out how I can. Jeff and I are so glad we’re not moving right now it’s quite remarkable.

Here is a lovely poem, with some context.

9,189 9443 words

As we come up on the Inauguration I find myself more and more frightened. I tell myself that Trmp and his people are too stupid to manage an insurrection, but it’s really the grift that’s the point, but I’m still afraid of good people dying, and the number of people in Canada who feel the same way as the Trumpites is huge, and this is a long term problem that will not go away.


Cartoon of a donkey and an elephant. In the first frame Donkey’s placard reads UNITY and the Elephant’s F*** YOUR FEELINGS. The second frame the donkey’s placard is ACCOUNTABILITY and the elephant’s now covered in rainbows and butterflies, says UNITY.  NICK ANDERSON A RÉALISÉ CE DESSIN

arise ye prisoners of doomscrolling

Did a small shop and made borscht. Paul came by with some of John’s filk books, and best of all was Peter Alway’s Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer so I now have a picture of one of my filk friends on a pamphlet about an instrument I own. I’m going to review it again today with the instrument in hand.

Chuck Norris was at the insurrection event in Washington. What a cruel and grasping individual.

Lax that’s me

I did absolutely as little as possible yesterday. I did not help with the move, I did about 500 words on the current UPSUN chapter, I put clean laundry back in my room, I made really runny rice pudding the way Jeff prefers it, I wrote a blistering email to a family member which I sent to a friend instead, I did not practice, I did not get dressed, I booked my next recording session on the 1st next month, ever supposing that Brutal Asshole currently pres of the US doesn’t nuke Vancouver for taking the sign off the Tr&mp tower in Downtown.

Today I’m going to make a list and review my habit schedule, I can feel my good habits slipping away from me in the doomscrolling carnage subsequent to the coup attempt. I’m also hoping to convince Jeff to go shopping.

Protests in front of various high tech office headquarters by MAGAts are expected all this week. The leadup to the inauguration is going to be fireworky, I’m sure.

This image is for mOm, relating to an amusing conversation we had earlier this week.


Clippy, the long despised Word assistant says ‘It looks like you’re trying to fuck around Would you like to find out YES NO

still no eeg results

I’ll call the clinic again next Monday. Many things slow down over the festive season so even though it was supposed to be ready it probably isn’t, yet.

You know Hudson & Rex is a terrible advertisement for St. John’s, right? One percent of the population is Black and that’s not how the show demographics works…. also…. you know that they have like a murder a year and so in the first episode they blow through the murder rate like theysa going backwards.

Georgia turned blue, but it was the rest of us holding our breath. FUCK MITCH MCCONNELL.

While I’m in the mood, FUCK AIR CANADA.

If that link disappears, it’s to a story claiming that Air Canada is sending influencers on holiday to sunny places to pad their advertising budgets during A GODDAMNED PANDEMIC ….I mean I knew they were slimy bastids but that’s low.

Buns dough is in the bread-maker. I really am fine with never eating white bread again if I can have yummy brown bread buns fresh out of the oven within 2 hours of conceiving the notion.

In 774 AD the biggest coronal mass ejection in 10k years hit the earth. (Per Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer.) If the same thing hit the earth today satellites would plummet, the grid would fail, the internet would fly up its own asshole and choke and it would be weeks in many places and years in others before the power came back on. So thank your lucky stars you only live in an earthquake zone, lol

I’ll be wandering over to Planet Bachelor later today.

Letters to two Daves in the mail today. pOp’s getting a very big sketch of Baby Yoda.

No progress on UPSUN.

Windy day and beet soup recipe

We didn’t get the wind in Burnaby that was forecast yet; I’m assuming the coast got it.

It’s the kind of day when you feel good about grating beets and finely slicing cabbage for borscht.

It’s a dead simple recipe: boil six cups of water (less if you want it SOLID, more if you’re liking more broth), peel and grate three medium sized beets, finely slice a quarter of a head of cabbage, (adjust balance of veg for preferences) & throw them into the water, add a heaping teaspoon of Better than Bouillon vegetarian salt paste, a quarter teaspoon pepper, a quarter teaspoon garlic powder, a little hand ground basil, and it’s food in half an hour of a steady low boil and ambrosia nuked the next day. I chopped some scallions, parsley and yellow pepper to throw on top, and there’s greek yogurt in the fridge.

brO and I were dreading the season opener of the Rookie but it kicked ass. We heard lines of dialogue we never expected to hear from the show. Very welcome change from the overwrought magical bad guy shit at the end of the last season.

I knew I’d have lunchbag letdown from yesterday so I’ve been babying myself today (CBD gummy early in the day – I don’t take them every day) and it’s worked well. I’m halfway through a letter to Dave, finished all my Trotsky Tuesdays for January, am making song lists for stuff I can record and post in two seconds when I’m behind the eight-ball for deadlines, and contemplating the fifty stamps I just bought, uncoiling like two misshapen tentacles over the dishwasher, with a lazy smile.

I can hear Jeff getting borscht, I’ll join him.


Reasonably productive day

Shopping; didn’t get to Al P.’s New Years Walk in Trout Lake, le sigh, made pizza, wrote and mailed a letter to my mOm, made biscotti dough, three loads of laundry washed and dried and sort of staged for being put away, recorded Bob Dylan’s New Years Day.

This morning I shall bake biscotti and then deliver it to the deserving and the undeserving alike. Then I’ll probably make another batch because otherwise it’s too much room in the fridge as it chills.

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Ratrunners and fireworks

Woke up around two with a ratrunner blasting down Kingsway at what sounded like a hunnert miles an hour. And there were bangers in there too.

I can’t find a recording of “Bob Dylan’s New Years’ Day” … so I guess I’ll have to make one.

Yesterday I made borscht and fresh whole wheat rolls and fed Paul lunch. Today I’m supposed to walk in Trout Lake Park for a New Year’s Day celebration but the rain is going to be rude, so I may wear rain gear and boots. If I can be arsed to move.

Rain rain rain

Kind of a gross day yesterday. Jeff and I got takeout breakfast and watched WW84, which was an enjoyable piece of fluff with lots of narrative holes, tropes and clichés.

I think it’s possible I wrote something new; no lyrics yet.

5135 words on ‘The Best Roommate in the World” and a couple of hundred words on a background interview with one of the city managers after the transition.

Tried following up with the doctor about the EEG, office was closed, I’ll try again today. Also wished the cultural competence reader a happy new year.

No Alex

Jeff and Allegra circa 1963

Not so much as a peep out of Planet Bachelor. This paragraph deleted, and there was much rejoicing. I’ve written him a letter, now I have to figure out what I did with the last stamps. Can you believe it? I bought 48 stamps a month ago and they are all gone.

I practiced for an hour this morning, including working up a mandolin accompaniment for “I Guess I Never Felt This Way,” which the kids helped me write while we were living in Montreal. Jesus, such a long time ago now. I wouldn’t trade my troubles then for now, that’s for damned sure.

Visibility outside has crashed from 3 k to less than 200 metres. A FOGGY MORN IN BURNABY.

Time to figure out what the MIT is for today… the Most Important Thing. I’m thinking letters… I have so MANY to ANSWER. Yup.

I’m not happy with my major project for next year, but honestly, if I just record one tiny little thing per day, that will still technically work, and it’s not supposed to be fun, it’s assembling my entire life’s work in one year, so yeah, it’s work. Not everyone gets the chance to do something like that, and most women throughout history couldn’t even read.

The other daily post, that is really really going to be a grind, but 2021 is going to be the year of ‘real content or die tryin’. I’ve posted all the Throwback Thursday pictures for all of November and December 2021 so progress, yay.

Just as an aside, a suicide bomber blew up a substantial chunk of Nashville on Christmas day, but the fucking media is spavining itself coming up with ANY CONSTRUCTION BUT ‘ SUICIDE BOMBER ‘ because that’s reserved for BROWN PEOPLE.

The racism of this society is heinous bullshit.


Kinda hoping to see the grandson today

I don’t know if I will, but I hope to.

Part III Lord of the Rings today, unless Jeff bails. A rewatch every two years is too soon.

I want to make flower buns. I did make flower buns. I want to eat flower buns. They are baking. I didn’t set the timer, I’ll yoink ’em out in 15-20

Time for a huge mug of tea while I contemplate what to say to all my letter writers when not too much is happening. I stayed up all night and slept late and I haven’t eaten anything but bread dough and I still haven’t had the tea and it’s hours later.

Note to Jessie, to be conveyed through mOm:

It may surprise you to learn that in the view of this member of your chosen family, you are still formed for usefulness despite your trials. You are a living image of quiet perseverance; I find your continued assertion of your will and mind quite motivating.

a short list

Unca Barry’s first letter came. I haven’t finished it as I intend to savour it but I was snorting with laughter by the second para.

Paul showed up and I drove us to Deer Lake Park where we did our normal circuit at a very good rate of knots, since there was no place to sit down, har har, because there was ice and snow on everything. Nearly wiped out on the walkway surface FARTHEST from where an extraction by ambulance could happen, as I’m grimly muttering I AM NOT FALLING DOWN AND BREAKING MY SHOULDER AGAIN.

My psychological feathers are back in place now that I’ve heard from mOm about the latest HOTM update I sent her. It’s a piece of fluff but that’s what we need these days, and I do love those characters.

Today: More posting for 2021, more writing, run dishwasher, practice, go for a walk, find the other dryer ball, Expanse 5:4, flower rolls. Amazing, I crossed that off the list already and it isn’t even noon…





New West yesterday

Went into New West on the bus to pick up ice cream and summat for dinner and to return Mexican Gothic, which was so damned good I understood why I waited three months for it at the library, but also why I had to return it as fast as possible for the next person. On the way home I saw Peggy because she AND TOM drove over and dropped off cookies and Jeff and I ate them all in one go (almond sugar cookies). Sooooo the Christmas I AM EATING THINGS I SHOULDN’T TABLEAU continues.

So Tom is home. He sounds quite vigorous, but he doesn’t get to drive for another month and a half or so.

The big fuzzy hoodies I ordered arrived. I hope people like them and if they don’t they can give them back to me.

Finished the Right Stuff TV show. It’s a little too kitchen sinky to get the full upvote, but I enjoyed it. A second season has been optioned but not ordered.

I hope everyone has a lovely day. I don’t have much planned beyond a walk to the mailbox and add to the 3300 words I wrote on The Best Roommate in the World.