BP still too high

BUT RIKER IS COMING TODAY yay! I get to hold the little guy for a while and get some of my grimness knocked off.

absolutely no salt in dinner yesterday

this para deleted and put on private

I have a job interview on Thursday. I know, I know, but I was really excited about the opportunity, and it isn’t far away in terms of the commute. I thought it was up by BCIT but it’s down on the flats where sensible settlers shouldn’t build. 10 minutes by car almost an hour on the bus. Time to get better masks again.

We got almost two inches of snow yesterday and while most of it was gone, the fog that accompanied it made the whole city look … weird.

Floods in Hawaii. A foot of rain in 48 hours? And South Sudan is under so much water that current estimates are that the waters will not have receded by the time the next rainy season starts in 5 months, which is insane.

Almost 1000 words yesterday.


quick notes

I don’t know much but I know I think the F1 track at Jeddah is a total zoo, disaster, disgrace. There’s a goddamned star wars joke in there someplace. Anyway, Hamilton won again.

Two mornings straight of the thickest hoar frost I’ve ever seen on the roofs of the local houses. It’s snows an inch, inch and a half; I put out triple the normal amount of sunflower seeds.

I’m now eligible for the booster dose. I will get my flu vax at the same time. I need to pick up more meds today and go into the clinic to see the nurse. BP still worryingly high.

Didn’t call Mike and didn’t hear from him. Or the kids for that matter. I feel completely sunk down before the omicron variant and not wanting to leave the house again but here I am forced to run errands and whatnot. The science news about it is very disturbing, even though for people previously vaccinated it’s very unlikely to be deadly. But COVID is going to continue to chew away at human fitness it in its own way….

I am experimenting with yet another adhd assistant software… I am at least fed, dressed, toothbrushed, blogged and I wrote 818 words this morning on the airport fanfic.

800 words on ‘landslide’

Walked at Lougheed Mall with Paul yesterday; he got some bread and veg and I got Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns because I have no chill. After I drove him back here for Lentil Soup and Shirazi salad which he devoured with thanks.

He and I had a guilty laugh about the downstairs toilet; the downstairs toilet is the way it is because MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO my Unca Dave told Paul that the only way to put in a downstairs toilet for John’s apartment when he moved in with us back in 1997 was a hell of a kludge which would come back to bite somebody later AND THAT SOMEBODY TURNS OUT TO BE JEFF. I mean seriously who the hell could have seen that bit of family history ABOUT A TOILET happening, it’s like a monty python sketch.

Jeff in turn asked me yesterday if I was okay with him continuing to ponder the reseating of the downstairs toilet (because we’re down to one toilet as a fam) and I said ARE YOU KIDDING it’s work I don’t have to do and I am not inconvenienced in the slightest just in case you wanted further evidence about what an amazing roommate he is, also the landlady should buss his cheeks and praise his name the next time she sees him (pLEASE nO says Jeff)

Worked on a couple of fanfics; overnight there were three ‘kudos’ in my inbox. People are still reading my fanfic and enjoying it, so that’s nice.

At some point I hope to make some biscotti happen for Peggy. I toasted the almonds but they’re kind of suboptimal; I’m having to go through them and give the wrinkled dry yucky ones to the crows.

Juncos and chipping sparrows are coming for the sunflower seeds now. They come at a different time of day than the crows. There were five crows yesterday, making a tremendous racket; they hardly moved when I opened the door.

My BP is still too high. I have to completely stop eating salt and I sure don’t want to.

waited and waited

Waited an hour and 45 minutes for the doctor appointment, hung up after that. I have another appointment today, I have to wonder if she’ll make that one. I am supposed to physically go in to the clinic on Monday, presumably to get yelled at about my blood sugar; I don’t actually know what she wants with me, since I’m seeing the nurse instead of the doc.

After three atmospheric rivers in two weeks, it’s a possibility that snow will be happening this weekend. I should move the walkway salt back into the house.

Running the dishwasher right now; lentil soup and tea for breakfast.

As soon as SaveOn’s open Jeff and I are heading out for a shopping expotition, and I’m also planning to drop off the books I took out from NWPL.

I tried reading them, I really did, but I simply don’t have the brain right now. (I read single chapters out of all of them but have no concentration.) I still feel residually sad and angry about Tom; so much about it was unfair and horrible for all concerned, but there’s no point talking about it in this kind of venue.

Paul took me for a short walk in the schoolyard yesterday. I was ready to go for a longer walk but the traffic was insane so we stayed in the neighbourhood.

lazy rainy day

Fed the crows! they are big birds, up so close.

Did another load of laundry, ran the dishwasher, emptied the dishwasher, tidied the kitchen.

Now I’m curled up in bed working on fanfic while Jeff tries to figure out what to do about the busted flange on the downstairs toilet, up to and including calling the landlord if it’s outside his paygrade.


No order

Finally washed and put away the rags for Suzanne to use. I’ve done three other loads but I only put away the rags and the towels.

I feel entirely deflated after pumping up full of energy to be of service at the memorial, but I must admit it was wonderful to see so many people from Beacon, and even more wonderful to merely be around Jeri Lynn and Jeffrey and Cindy and Peggy. Peggy has made her home a second home to all of us and we are so grateful. She says she thinks her sons were content with how the service went, and of course we can watch it again if we need to.

Baby Riker has now spent some time twice with his father Mike. Apparently Mike’s mom is doing all the work and so this is me staring, expressionless, at the camera, in case you’re wondering. Riker is being supplemented with formula anyway and a fed baby is best baby so I won’t hear a damned word about him getting formula. Gatekeeping motherhood in the 21st century is a 20th century thing to do.

Katie in the meantime keeps leaving the house – Jeff and I caught her yesterday taking Alex to the IHOP in New West (Alex told us to our faces that he didn’t want to sit with us and why the hell not, the rest of the time his mother has a baby hanging off her) – while her midwife chides. I was exactly the same way, so I understand.

Cindy wants to perform for Festival of the Living Rooms so that means a) getting together (yay) and rehearsing (double yay). I know I’m the kind of person who’s fucking impossible to get along with creatively but Cindy has a skill set which is just too intriguing and she has that mix of humour, practicality and work ethic which makes her SO WONDERFUL to work with that I, even I, cannot resist. Anyway I’m hoping to get her to revive some of her SG:Atlantis tunes because I’ve been thinking of multiple harmony lines, and of course there are about two dozen songs that we can already fire up hard and fast because we’ve sung them together so much over the years.

I am still working on fanfic. I know I should be doing at least a little more housework today since the kitchen’s an insurrection but I have no care for any of this.

Peggy ate all the salad I made her.

I have to go into town (by which if I don’t specify I mean the Royal city mall in New West) and return library books and go to the bank and run a couple of other errands. I’m up and dressed, I can do this thing!!!

Just retested my vocal range. Today my lowest note is G2 and my highest is D5 so I’m either getting a cold or my testosterone levels are higher.


Raining hard today

Tom’s memorial service is today. I gave him that hat. Yesterday we gathered at Peggy’s to rehearse and eat Chinese food (I brought home Singapore style noodles) and I got home about 8:30. It’s almost giddy making to be experiencing SOCIAL INTERACTION and then I got home and had a panic attack for about an hour (thought I was having a heart attack until I realized that the pain went away when I was breathing properly).  Talked to Brooke about how to wean off of Inderal, which was super useful.

Jeff C GAVE me his dulcimer capo but I got him back by paying for dinner. It’s so lovely to be able to sing in a group again.

Quiet day

Yesterday dined at IHOP for breakfast. Jeff took the day off and apart from driving me to pick up the prescription we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Oh yeah, I may have worked on my puzzle.

Suzanne is here today and there’s a rehearsal for the memorial service.

Here’s a quote from one of my fanfics: “There’s two things trees never do; one is judge, and the other is complain.”

Fraser Foreshore Walk

The tide was highest at noon yesterday and the water in the Fraser River was quite high. Paul said we were expecting rain and it was JUST GORGEOUS – a beautiful golden peach sunset, and quite warm. I took my cane and had no trouble with the usual length of walk.

CBC local news reports that Large Marge the Barge will not be removed until December 6th 2021, the date of the next King tide. Lazy bums eh.

Made lentil soup yesterday. Hoping to make Banana Cake today.

(Yes I did make banana cake.)

Keith had a Battlestar Galactica games night at his house and nobody knew there was a new baby.

Came up with another fanfic idea. About four hundred words on the ‘starlight’ story. Found an absolutely delightful fluffy 70k fanfic I haven’t read before yesterday, it was exactly what I wanted.

very brief walk, a few loads of laundry

I have roused myself from yesterday’s stupor, which could have been caused by anything between a small stroke and the marthambles (possibly hollow heels, see thrumps) or just plain being flattened by the pandemic and Kyle Rittenhouse BEING ACQUITTED like holy shit, and the RCMP officers whose pensions are tied up in tar sands are beating the shit of out the Wet’suwet’en defenders, and the BC government took days to declare an emergency when the Coquihalla is broken like a Lego set, and we’ve got yet a new Delta variant, and I still haven’t practiced anything for Tom’s service and so I’m kind of overwhelmed. There was a baby in there too, I could swear I remember that part.

Anyway, I’ve had breakfast and made tea and started brown buns and filled the dishwasher and emptied the sink and finished a fanfic and it’s only 7:30

Paul and I went for a short walk yesterday – he rode over here on his bicycle and then DIDN’T SEE my bike (which is clearly visible) in the carport so he scared the shit out of me tell me that it had been stolen. I mean, Paul could have majored in ‘looking right at something without seeing it’ the entire time we was merrit but seriously that was not fun. I told him about his flying canoe (it tried to fly during the wind storm).

Spoke to Mike and Dave yesterday on the phone. They both could be doing better but are getting by.

I bet I just go back to bed now.


accomplishments … are they?

went to Timmy Ho’s this morning. We shouldn’t have but there you have it. I should have gone to the library but I was too lazy to leave the house a second time. However I did chop up the ginger chicken for sammiches and I did sew elastics onto my orthotic slippers so they fit more snugly and I did add more pieces to the puzzle with the balls of wool and the white kitty cat and I did practice my new song (in the style of Billie Eilish) and Buster prefers that because I’m wearing headphones while I’m doing it so he’s not inconvenienced. Wrote 530 words on the story about the restaurant and 510 words on the story about the artist who makes monumental homoerotic art. Ran the dishwasher. Remembered to take all my drugs. Made poached eggs over diced tomatoes with cumin and garlic for supper and Jeff et it too. Fed the corbies. Tomorrow is Dunnett Day.

We’re going to have an atmospheric river again.

eviction notice

Katie has (allegedly) issued an eviction notice to the downstairs tenant. He unfortunately shows no signs of leaving yet (as far as I know she’s not in labour) and is unresponsive to his mother’s pleas. Still want to call him Riker. That is his nickname. Paul and I picked out names for Keith but when he came out he was a Keith so that’s what we named him.

Today I’m making some more split pea soup.

I’ve been writing 500-1000 words a day, but it’s all fanfic.