Doors again

Hung around the house all day yesterday waiting for callbacks from plumbers, and nothing.  Around two I realized that nothing was going to happen and spent quite a long time in a nice warm tub and completely disconnected from my troubles.  This morning I am reconnecting with them, ie I have to go to church.


I don’t know exactly when church got to be such a drag, I mean a way bigger drag than it is joy, but I backspaced over the next two hundred words, and that’s a good thing.

Now I’m going to feed Kira, pick up the church mail,, go to church just long enough to pick up a document that needs signing and to drop off the sign that accidentally got left out last week and then I’m going to come home and commune with my to do list.  I am sure it will be a lovely service, but I am not wanting to take my aggrieved idiocies to church today.

The dishwasher’s running and Margot has been fed some kitty malt and turned outdoors.

Despite how remarkably unfit for real life she is, Margot knows what day it is.  She picked the morning of the vernal equinox to come outside for the first time in 2013. She rolled around and made her cat with laryngitis noise while Katie watched in startlement.


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