Hope switch located, turned back on

Paul didn’t even let me get twelve seconds into mah woeful tale before he said, walk first.  So we went to Deer Lake Park and saw:


  1. wood ducks x 3 plus mallards lazily walking along the path and grazing at the side
  2. hummingbirds x 2
  3. towhee
  4. the saddest crow in the world, behaving in a fashion I can only describe as inexplicable.  It sat on a sign, bowed its head and cooed sadly like a pigeon.  Repeatedly.  Like, so many times that Paul and I were starting to freak out.
  5. frisky squirrels, imports and natives
  6. many many skunk cabbabbages
  7. hardly any people, unsurprising given that every form of precipitation the lower mainland affords fell out of the sky earlier today.  There’s still unmelted snow on the front lawn in the shade.

But the sun came out and Paul received the Gift of Maple Bacon Muffins with great thanks.  Now I feel better, but this next week is gonna suck a large citrus fruit, and I must needs stay on task.

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