Yesterday was a day to set appointments, get a phone into the shop, get the cash register here so Jeff can look at it, cook turkey ball soup (Jessica and Katie did that, and the smell was divine), learn how to run the espresso maker (Katie did that) and call Russell to get a copy of the invoice from the day before because somehow we lost it and it was a big invoice.  Also got quotes on the lid and liner for the soup warmer, which strangely did not come with the unit.

I see the accountant today.

My to do list is growing rather than shrinking, but I’d rather be me than anyone else alive right now, and that is in itself a really wonderful thing, especially when a girlfriend mentioned rather casually that suicide recently crossed her mind in the face of the rather immense financial problem that is staring her in the face right now.  She is reasonably okay but my god contemplating an 800000$ mortgage with no income would be enough to send me into conniptions, let alone the occasional thought of ending it all.  I am so happy my friends and family rallied round me when I called for help.  I feel stronger in my mind and spirit than I have in quite a while.   And Chipper’s mOm has been removed from her mold intoxicated house and placed in eldercare, and thank god for that; she had recently fallen and she has bedsores and is so crippled from arthritis she cannot do even the simplest selfcare.  She wept when her mold encrusted purse was taken away from her but other than that she dealt with the indignity of being yoinked from her home with vigorous complaints rather than cowed silence. Of course none of the other three siblings are answering Chipper’s emails or phone calls, but it’s been like that for 30 years, the entire time I’ve known her they’ve treated her like a bag of dirt.  I told her “Give up.  Grieve. They are never going to treat you properly and it’s time you faced it.”  Jeff made a face and told me to tell Chipper to get a lawyer, but I don’t think it will come to that.  Chipper has no expectation of an inheritance.  I said, “Fuck your siblings, go visit your mom as time and your circumstances allow.”

Katie’s former mom in common law and a friend came by the shop yesterday when Katie was trying to work and WOULDN’T LEAVE.  I told her next time don’t let them in.  If they come in to chat, they can after we open and buy something while they are at it.  I keep reminding Katie she’s gonna have a spa day for the first Saturday after we open, and I think I’ll book myself in while I’m at it.


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