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Aprons bought at dollar store (we found decent ones); light for over the employee bathroom sink is in train to go into the store, as is the new dishwashing graphic, our framed foodsafe certificates and the user guide for the pizza oven (which will become a biscotti oven once I tame it).  ALL PRAISE CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR GARLAND/MANITOWOC.  They answered my general enquiry email in less than 15 minutes and gave me what I wanted in one try.  Still no word on if there’s a dishwasher technician who can deal with the Lawrence undercounter commercial dishwasher we have in the back of the store.  If we can install it with FHA blessing in the kitchen our dishwashing problems may be over, but first we have to determine that it’s working and worth refurbishing if it isn’t which it likely will be as a new one is like the price of two used cars, ffs. Found out why we can’t fill both sinks with hot water.  Washing and sanitizing takes 45 degree C water, and requires 140 litres of said same; the fucking hot water heater looks like the Gimli version AND according to Paul (on whom blessings) it was set TOO LOW to actually sanitize anything.  He boosted the heat setting but that is a temporary measure.  We need a long term solution (current solution is WAITING AN HOUR for the tank to refill -to Katie’s pouting despair – and we’ll talk to the FHA folks about what would be best.  Jeff is currently wrestling with the mobile app for the security cameras in the store, with a somewhat furrowed brow, but he DID determine that the cash register for the store is a toy, and we need a real cash register.  399$ plus tax later, I’m sure we can have one, which will at least print out our name on the effing receipt (the toy did not have letter printing capability).  So that’s another trip to Donovans and I have to get the other cash register onto craigslist and sell it for the $50 that it is worth.  It really is a toy.  Emailed the gal who said she wanted to intern with us; alas, no response as yet.  I may nudge her mother into asking her to check and respond to her email. Visited the accountant and he was happy to tell me that I should probably increase my liability coverage on the cafe, and that I was only missing a couple of things from an accounting standpoint, and he rather self-righteously pointed out that we probably lost some negotiating room on the cost of purchase, which to my tiny mind is more than made up for the fact that the previous owner has been AMAZING to work with and extremely helpful.  You can’t buy the cooperation of someone you’ve paid out, they have to want to give it to you, and she has.  I wish her a life of delight and success in anything she does in future, and hope she signs the GST44 form with me the next time I see her.  Tile grout for the loose tiles purchased; hours open sign purchased (we couldn’t rehab the previous sign), extension cord for front of store purchased, Katie is getting a handle on the coffee maker and the turkey ball soup was UNBELIEVABLY tasty.  I had a happy from stem to gudgeon upon ingesting it.  Also, we took half a dozen fresh from the oven muffins over to the guys at Gord-Ron .  They are THRILLED we are moving in and I regret that they may have loved the coffee but they weren’t otherwise impressed by the menu at the old place.  When they heard we were doing soup sandwiches muffins biscotti and coffee, they evinced great enthusiasm.


That was yesterday.  Holy shit, eh?

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