satisfactory day

well, parts of it were.  Tom and Peggy fed us beef stroganoff… mmm, and we provided maple bacon loaf. Tom hoovered through it like the gravy sucking ogreman he is.

Katie and Keith are off on their first trek via Paul’s car to Victoria to see the grands.  Yes I phoned to make sure they arrived safely, for whatever reason. Katie will be looking forward to tHE SleEP which she gets there in quantity.

The rain has died back and it actually got sunny this afternoon, which was good, since friends of mine are posting on facebook that they have five inches of water in their crawlspaces, always hideous tidings.

Jerome called me, bless that boy.  Lucas is 8 months old now, can you credit it, marine crawling and trying to stand like the good little boy he is.

My adventure in costumeland yielded two AMAZING hats, one outfit (vest and culottes) for a person weighing four hundred pounds, and a bunch of size xxl peasant attire, with one fire engine red lab coat in the mix for fun.  I can’t actually do up the buttons on one of the vests but it fits me perfectly anyway.  One of the peasant outfits is from SGA according to the label on the inside.  I will be donating them to Interfilk for auctioning enjoyment, since finding costumes for more lavishly upholstered individuals can be trying and it would be good for SCA or conwear.  Sorry fOlks, there were no props, just costumes and bizarre lighting.



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