Signage and biz card design is complete

The manual for the cash register is printed, the cleaning supplies have been purchased, and now I have to pull my head out of biz mode and think church.  This will be my second last appearance as secretary treasurer of the Board.  I wish I had time to feel nostalgic.  Katie’s busy at home right now – she thought if she went into the shop she’d freeze (there’s no heat, the ovens are supposed to keep the place warm… ha ha) so she’s working on the sanitation plan at home.  She’ll be moving in with us towards the end of this month.

Margot has finally quit shedding.

Just cooked Jeff Tex Mex Chicken and Onions.

Crap, I still have to clean my living room.  GRRRR.  Meeting is here.  Can I do it ALL and bake cinnamon buns?  We SHALL SEE.

Keith is expected imminently.

The mongolian style kid’s hat I picked up at the going out of business sale of the costume store has been given to the Bean.  Yay.


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