First ever blog post from inside the store

As busy as I’ve been lately Katie is busier… she is currently cleaning and sanitizing the service table at the front of the cafe, which has been allowed to quietly moulder.  Once Katie is done with it, it will be CLEAN.

Paul is still agitating for us to get rid of the orange, because the store is really orange.  It would cost a young fortune to get this orange taken care of because it might take two coats of primer just to cover it, and it’s the entire wall down the length of the cafe. I am joining, not fighting, and finding orange things like four lovely bright orange place mats for the front counter.  Gotta admit orange is not my favourite colour, but I’ll be in the back most days anyway and Katie will have her back to it a good chunk of the time.  And it will remind me of Yarina, the previous owner.

Saw the bookkeeper last night for churchy stuff so I’m up to date with the bank recs and financials.  Phew.

Yarina left us a brilliant vase or two filled with flowers including freesias. I love that woman, she has been so kind and helpful, she’s made of awesome.

We’re waiting for the POS guy.  Nobody likes their POS contract, but at least we won’t get dinged on transaction charges for deposits going with TD.

We had a look in the storage locker at the back of the store.  We have lots of stuff up there including light bulbs for the fixtures and shippiles of bowls and racks and other things of that nature.  And a warm hold serving table which may migrate in the fullness of time to church.


Now to fool around with the Sonos system.  See if we can get some Frank Sinatra happening.  It’s been Kid Rock and Lady Miss Kier so far.


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