deaths and entrances

My old self dies a little and my new self is born today.  With luck we will have signoff for a Monday opening for the cafe; with a little spinal firmness on my own part I’ll never be on the Beacon Board again.  Everybody loves having me and the worst aspects of corporate governance are not easily addressed. AT LEAST we are treating our staff members better, or more or less we are, and I did have something to do with that.  And the church is okay-off financially, I am sure next year will continue to bring change.  But I’m done, and I will only be going back to church when I am interested in the sermon topic.  Having weekends completely off except the inevitable worrying about the business will be pleasant.


Lovely long chat with Tammy this morning.

Back to the living room clean up in preparation for the board meeting tonight.  It will be easier for me to concentrate on the meeting today when I’m done with the living room.

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