It was very wonderful to see Jerome for his bday yesterday (my visit was brief due to… reasons) and also Mike and Rozo, Trent and his girlfriend (why can I never remember her name??), a neighbour and his little boy, Brian C and Chari, Shannon and the two boys Braden and Lucas (Lucas exploded into an amazing smile when I first laid eyes on him, I nearly burst into grateful tears) and the food was nommy home rotisseried chicken, salad and THE MOST SPECTACULAR raspberry chocolate cake imaginable. Whipped cream icing, om nom nom.

Today, the AGM and a soup lunch. So I hafta run into the store and get everything together for that. Then Audrey comes back here and I stuff everything into boxes and hand it to her. I don’t know what she did to deserve this suffering, but at least I suffer no longer, effective about 5 hours from now….

Café continues slow but the word is getting out and the rec centre isn’t open yet, so there’s some upside, definitely.

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