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Katie made super fantastic amazing huzzah muffins yesterday, mostly by accidentally putting in too much margarine and not enough milk and oh my gosh they were so amazing.  (Chocochunk Cherry).  Today I am making multiflavours of biscotti for a pick up order tomorrow. Split pea with ham soup for lunch.  Keith and Paul came by for a snack and Keith also dropped by in the evening to catch up on Game of Thrones.  Katie bailed on the shop today so I’m by myself (she’s helping Jessica) but that’s okay, it’s relatively quiet. And I brought Otto in, so I’m working on my Tyrion song (it’s him spouting off about his siblings, his dad, his effed up life….)

Continued yumminess in the form of a show called Justified. I simply didn’t get enough Seth Bullock from Deadwood, so I was thrilled that Graham Yost (Elwy’s offspring) put together Justified, which is based on an Elmore Leonard short story and novels, and is basically Seth Bullock dressed up in modern clo’es and hewing the lawman’s line in Lexington KY.  It is with great joy that I have learned that the two seasons on Netflix are not the only two seasons – it’s actually filming the fifth season this year.  The first four episodes have been amazing.  The music is stellar and Jeff and I just love the song that plays over the credits, which is rap vocals over bluegrass instrumentation (ya don’t knock what works).  At the line “That would be refreshingly linear” I sank back into my seat and smiled with glee.


Okay, biscotti are calling for me to attend to them.



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