Dribs and drabs

Went to a party last night.  I don’t mind meeting new people.  Every man I spoke with wanted to have about 90% of the air time.  Or wore so much scent that I thought, “A nice guy but you could float an anvil on the lake of his cologne”.  I guess I am just too effin picky, but at least I made the effort, and it was Garlen’s 50th.

Katie is dating again.  When she went for a walk with her new beau, great blue herons were following her around and glaring at her.  She found it amusing that my totem animal was following her around.  She’s gone off to New West now to be with her bestie for a while.


I am waiting for it to dry enough that I can cut the grass.  Other than that I have a pretty lazy weekend planned, except for taking down the wasp nest at the shop (it’s over the back door, a truly lousy place for it, and continuing to much out my room.  Maybe I’ll even write some songs down.





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