A new beginning

Monday we’ll be open 7 to 7 six days straight. Part of me is sad I won’t be spending as much time with Katie. But we now can do what needs to be done over the course of the day and we just need to bite the bullet and DO.


The ovens will be about $1.5k to fix.  Given that they’d be 5 to 6k each to replace I figure we are getting off lightly. The top oven is working safely again but a draft diverter is the next major expense. Who knew that the fans for Bertha’s compressor would wreak such havoc on the gas ovens. Damned good thing we keep both doors open for ventilation most of the time. Oddly enough the temperature regulation for #1 Dragon was bang on all the way through these trials,  which says a lot for the quality of these Canadian made pizza ovens.


I have an enormous list of things to do this weekend.  If I get through a third of it I’ll be happy.



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