Filk Band Camp Weekend

I would like to have a weekend recording songs with my filking buddies.

1.  Ask a bunch of my favourite filkers if they would set aside a weekend to record.  Anybody who didn’t want to come didn’t have to, but it would be best for 10-12 people so there’s enough tracks for an album.

2. Rent a location (cause you have to do it in advance).

3. Invite a filk friendly sound engineer or two (for pay OF COURSE).

4. Prior to the recording date we each get to pick one of our own tunes and make a scratch track in the right key and tempo.  We forward it to everybody from the group we want to contribute to the song and request that they either work up an instrumental, or a harmony, or whatever is mutually agreeable.

5. We pick the songs to be recorded out of a hat and record them in that order.

6. Occasionally we stop for food and drink and sleep.

7. Final say for what the song sounds like is between the engineer and the songwriter.

8. We release the album.  Profits if any (sing bwa ha ha!) go to wherever we designate at the time the project commences.

9. We end up with music that’s like the best ever filk circle and a wide variety of textures, styles and subjects.


Happy sigh.  Damn wooooolf mooooon, I can’t sleep.


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