I just got asked to take down a link from SEVEN YEARS AGO on my blog, which PRAISED the site asking for the takedown. My response.

You are cordially invited to use your conscience and your brain and actually look at the link.

When you have done so, you can either contact me and apologize, or you can deal with the consequences of me reposting the email you just sent me, with your name attached to it, and have all thirty of the people who read my blog on a regular basis laugh their asses off at you. That’s right, 30 people read my blog. I am NOT and could not be under any circumstances a threat to your brand, the protection of which I have to assume is the point of what looks like an exercise in you attempting to look like you are actually accomplishing something for your company.

I did nothing, repeat nothing, to injure your brand. I praised it. If you think I injured your brand, it’s because instead of looking at the link in context, you fired off a canned email that makes you look like a magisterial asshat with a certificate in Vaguely Threatening Correspondence earned during a workshop in a function room in a run down hotel.

Say sorry and rethink your strategy. I’ve done nothing wrong and if you had any grace you’d admit it.