Sunny day

The sun on the snow yesterday – and the warmth, as it was quite warm – was a blessing after three straight days of snow.  I’m not used to shovelling  that much!

Jeff’s car is slowly going past that bourne from which no vehicle returns.  It’s certainly not safe for me to drive any more, so I have retreated from that endeavour.

Five hundred words yesterday.

The interview was interesting.  At the end of it I felt useless, stupid, dowdy, old and prehistoric.  But my test scores were great!  I wanted to slap some sense into the young thing I was talking to, but that doesn’t work even in the movies.  Then I locked myself in a stairwell.  So no, not exactly a good day.

Honest to Christ, I’m almost inclined to put my lumosity scores on my resume just to prove that I’m cognitively brighter than just about anybody.  The only real issue is speed – I’m not as fast as young people.  But in every other way, I blow doors off people younger than me. I won’t, it’s just another kind of bragging.

Found in the Toronto subway, safe for work. It’s a poster about alcoholism which somebody has marked up to mock Ford.

Today I will write, drink tea, eat leftovers, and ONCE MORE revise my goddamned resume to see if she’s right about it.  She made sure I knew that her time is much more important than mine, and that my resume is too much of a challenge for her.  And she is like all the rest, so she must be right, and I must need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just fix it.


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