Heritage Grill

Paul dragged me out of the house last night.  I wasn’t feeling up to performing (I actually thought I was coming down with something) but I wanted to check out the Heritage Grill Monday night open mic; when we arrived around 7:30 the room was FULL OF UKELELES. It was remarkable; it was a slo-pitch for ukes, and the full effect was entirely charming.  Paul and I had stupid grins on our faces that lasted until a couple of performers had done the open mike thing; a guy came up who had nothing to say and a peculiarly distressing way of saying it.   I pumpkin out around 9 pm these days so Paul gave me a lift home.  Thank you for foodicles Paul! it was yummy.

I am waiting to hear back from my best recent job interview and have another interview today.  I haven’t stopped looking, but man, it’s hard!


I forgot to mention; we heard frogs in Oakalla on Sunday afternoon.  Spring is here!

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