What I did today

I did no writing.  I practiced my mandolin a bit – I’m working on two songs at once, always inconvenient as my head ends up buzzing with everything I can hear and can’t sing all at once.  I delivered a children’s story and a homily at church.  Katie did me the honour of joining us.

It was well received.  I had no fewer than three current or former ministers in the congregation, so you can imagine how hard I had to brush up my toes.

I went for a 2.5 k walk in Oakalla (Deer Lake Park) with Paul.  And now I’m contemplating supper and the long awaited finale of True Detective. Paul and I drank tea on the back deck afterwards, and laughed like drains about one thing and another, and I got to look at his Australia pictures, some of which were quite entertaining and interesting.

Ralph Greer, one of the best and kindest and wisest men I ever knew, passed away Friday.  His funeral is next weekend.

I will take my ease for the rest of my Sunday – tomorrow will bring its own interesting events.

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