Sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I should have.

Mike called Friday night, so flattened he couldn’t leave the house after his work week (much feels here, I think the Death Spiral of closure of the Vancouver office has begun) so I walked over and picked up a rotisserie chicken and some salad at SaveOn. God, it was hot.  I was quite overheated when I got there; the sun blasts down Kingsway and there’s no shade for the last little bit.

Watched Suicide Squad, meh.

In the morning we went to Cora’s and the bagel with lox was even better than the last time; like last time I brought Jeff the leftovers of a tomato cheese bagel and fresh fruit, and then we watched Killjoys and Dark Matter, both of which were great even though Jeff calling each move of the ‘alternate universe’ play got a little, I don’t know, TOO on point?  Damn, kiddo, you should be writing this stuff if you can predict it!!

I am enjoying the rewatch of ER S2 and Burn Notice S4, which continues. Mr. Robot is kinda going off the rails, I’m hoping for a little narrative relief. September 23 Netflix will drop the next season of Longmire, which means Jeff and I will only come up for air a couple of days later unless we decide to go easy on it. Love love love that show.

Made cheese sauce and tricolori noodles for supper. It was so cheesy Nick Cage’s recent performances are suing me for infringement.