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Hello Allegra! My name is Rhonda Redacted and I work in sales and social media at Frank Magazine Ottawa. What is this subscription problem you speak of on Twitter? “

This next is me talking on twitter.

I shall never forgive you, nay, though all of time stand between us, for stiffing me on my subscription.”

Please elaborate for me if you’ve had a problem with a subscription in the past and let me help you make this right! Regards, Rhonda Redacted Frank Magazine Ottawa Sales / Social Media 1-519-BLO-MEEE PS. Feel free to give me a call at your convenience.

 The below noted pic is my avatar on Twitter. It’s a French demonstrator using a tennis racket to whack a tear gas grenade back to the gents wot fired it.

My response:

About the time of Frank’s first bout of financial difficulty they asked —- nay, begged — everybody to subscribe, since they did not hide the problems. I did. The check was cashed, and Frank did not come back to life. My attempts to contact them proving fruitless, I told myself that I would forever hold the mag and its subsequent web presence in the lowest of esteem within the bounds of civil discourse. I had a letter printed in the old Frank. I was a subscriber for years under the name Allegra Sloman. I imagine that you have zero access to previous records and I further imagine that various individuals might have had good reason to fail to provide them to the current avatar of Frank. Why I wouldn’t know Jason Kenney was as gay as a treeful of elves (not that his sexuality, living arrangements or down time is any of my concern, my real concern being his immense capacity to absorb Stephen Harper’s crap and turn it into 10 years of unimpeded destruction of Canadian sovereignty) if it wasn’t for Frank!

Note to SJWs everywhere.  What do you call a man who’s Catholic, in his 40’s, single, living with his mother, and a tireless oppressor of gay people, immigrants and women? A lucky Canadian politician ! In Canada we don’t force our MPs to be in heterosexual marriages to get past the nominating committees.

I continue my rant in another message.

Nope, I like my current relationship with Frank. I’ll be entertained if you find proof that what I say is true about my subscription, but at this point, the carefree Frank of yore will serve in my memory better than anything it could provide in real life, except as a pleasing target for my ire. The only other political body in Canada that took my money and then pissed on my membership was the Parkdale NDP RIding Association, so if Frank wants to sit next to the Parkdale NDP in the stocks in my social media public square, I’m fine with that too, as it makes for a most entertaining image.

quit day drinking! – ed.

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