Just in case you’re planning on being interrogated.

Rewatch of Burn Notice (god, I love that show) and ER (it’s a challenging show and I love it too). Thinking about a Homicide rewatch.

Anybody who can see the throughline between Burn Notice and what I’m currently writing …. yeah, it’s there. The supercompetent guy who’s so rarely at a loss. Also I’m rereading Niccolo. Some cross-contamination is inevitable.

Jeff took me to brekky, and after many hints I made banana bread yesterday, and did some laundry and practiced mandolin, and talked to Keith on the phone, and wrote 2000 words in two lots, first thing and around 3 pm.

Today I need to go for a walk quite desperately.  If I don’t hear from Paul I’ll probably take a trek over to David’s Market.

Thinking about chicken schnitzel later.  It’s cooled off so much that I’m thinking of more cooking and baking.  The summer fell off a Labour Day cliff by the feel of things.

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