I have now unfriended Leslie Fish – one of the most prolific, talented, popular and namely of all the US filkers – in all of the social platforms I share with her. She has sent out a message that she supports and wants more funds for the US military; no because, no reason, just: she wants it. I remember Kevin Duane (who said many things, but this one stuck) once said to me when we were both living in TO “The thing about libertarians is that they only want to spend public money on cops and the army, and *maybe* insane asylums.” I wasn’t expecting to watch this jest turn into reality before my eyes. I am also aware that #notalllibertarians are fans of increased military spending, notably Sean Haugh, who is REALLY SERIOUS about getting the US out of foreign wars, but by Ludwig von Mises, that’s the way to bet.

I gave her money for her garden too.  It’s a pity that her little piece of libertarian paradise in one of the Western States is probably going to be a pile of dust in ten years; climate change is a right bugger.

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