I has another dreffle sad

Miss Margot bit and clawed the living shit out of me last night as I was petting her.

My description of her behaviour made Nancy LF. on Facebook advise me to check into this ailment. ¬†Jeff and I have noted many times that Margot is not neurotypical. We didn’t think much of it, bu she’s shown every symptom to me except one.

I think whatever is wrong with her is not being helped by Buster’s continual bullying/play requests; she’s definitely stressed.

Diagnosis will be expensive, but she’s obviously unhappy, and something’s gotta shift.

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One thought on “I has another dreffle sad”

  1. You may be right, but I don’t think so. The only time she has ever bitten or scratched me was when I was playing with her and things got rough, and on one or two occasions when I was petting her and forgot that she has sensitive areas. You spend a lot of time working on Buster, who likes it rough, and I think it’s likely that you just forgot who you were petting. I don’t think she’s any more stressed than usual. Buster doesn’t bother her as much as he used to, and it never lasts long. She has also taken to fighting back. Obviously we need to watch her closely, but I don’t think she’s actively sick.

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